Crayon Pop in Taiwan (25 Aug 2014) Information

These are the details that fans have gathered to the best of their abilities for 25 Aug 2014.

There will likely be an event/activity that will allow fans to have close interaction with Crayon Pop on the 25 Aug 2014. However, the venue and place have not been confirmed, and admins are awaiting confirmation by organizers. Only then can Crayon Pop Taiwan Fan Club admins notify everyone else. As of now, there has been no confirmation.

There are two points that one should consider if you want to partake in the activity.

  1. It can be very random
  2. Wake up before 9am for the news.

Or those who definitely have time to attend the event to meet at 10am at 中正紀念堂 (Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)

Update(8/25): What was supposed to be 2 guerrilla performances have been canceled.

Miscellaneous Information

According to manager Jung Boo In (Wife Jung), Soyul was not feeling well. She was alright by supper time and was eating happily so please do not worry.

To the fans who gave them gifts and cards, they have received it but due to the hectic schedule, they have not been able to acknowledge it.

Choa expressed that she loves the food support and enjoyed it a lot. She ate a lot of it and feels that Taiwan and Korea feel very alike, and likes the place a lot. She also promised that they will come again if possible and Choa is one who doesn’t break promises. Also due to some situation, she will be leaving Taiwan early tomorrow. The rest of the members are expected to leave Taiwan at 7pm, on KE694.

Also, fans try to learn how to differentiate Way and Choa if you ever get to meet them. Poor Way had to announce that she was Way at the airport (5:25) while all the Choa fans went “Choa!”. ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Crayon Pop Taiwan Fan Club