Crayon Pop for Panda Churros

From 16-17 Nov 2015, Crayon Pop was filming an advertisement for a Panda Churros outlet that would be opened in Waitan, Shanghai, China as seen from their Instagram posts. A video of the making film has been uploaded on Panda Churros’ Instagram account.

Source: Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3

  • Natic Aliev

    THE VIDEO IS TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • apieth

      Even if it’s 1 hour long, still too short

      • Natic Aliev

        Amen!!! to that!

  • bobgirlsfan

    Bar bar bar big in China. Now for another worldwide hit in 2016. CP hwaiting. Panda Churros hwaiting.

  • Terry Townsend

    those outfits are cute they picked the right group to advertise them

  • Brandon Lim

    more CF for CP pls, having said that, I will definitely like to try out Panda Churros!

  • WMoksg

    “Chu-rros-se! … chu-rros-se!” the chant made famous by Crayon Pop, the Panda took notice of their hunger and passion and decided that CP is the best really 😀