Crayon Pop ‘FM’ Comeback Event

Here are the instructions for the comeback celebrations for Crayon Pop’s ‘FM’.

Go to the showcases over the weekend. Take a fancam at the event. Upload the video and post a link on the fancam event boards.

After uploading pics to showcase images of upcoming Crayon Pop this weekend
20 of the fancams with the highest views will win a prize (10 for Saturday, 10 for Sunday).

– To do: Take a fancam on the 21st and 22nd ‘FM’ Crayon Pop showcases.
– How to Apply: Post a link to the respective fancam video board on the Daum fancafe for the 21st and 22nd.
– Price: Promotional (not for sale) signed CD
– Selection Method: Most Views
– Duration: – March 25, 2015, 12 noon.

– There are no limits on the type of video recording device for participating in the event. Please feel free to use camera phones, etc.
– Only 1 fancam for Saturday and Sunday each, a maximum of 2 for both days.
– Please refrain from shouting at the Crayon Pop members to obtain eye contact.
– For further questions about the event, please send an email to

Source: Daum Fancafe