Crayon Pop fans Flashmob Event


Girl group Crayon Pop fans will be having a special event to celebrate Crayon Pop’s comeback.

According to the agency, Chrome Entertainment on 4 April, Crayon Pop fans will have a flash mob event on 5 April, 13:00pm at Marronnier Park, Daehak-ro, Seoul. This event, titled “Pop-jussi Battle Memorial 3″ is to promote Crayon Pop’s new song ‘FM’.

‘Pop-jussi’ is a neologism combined from the words Crayon Pop and “Ah-jussi (uncle), and refers to the uncle fans of the Crayon Pop fandom.

Crayon Pop fans are expected to wear the trademark tracksuits of Crayon Pop and also masks to coincide with the Power Rangers concept for ‘FM’ that Crayon Pop employs.

An official of the official fan cafe for Crayon Pop said, “Crayon Pop has always been known through their street guerrilla concerts, so fans plan to cheer them on through this fun event,” and “It’s an interesting way to promote Crayon Pop’s new song ‘FM’ to the public”.

Source: Naver Entertainment

More details on the event can be obtained at the official Daum fancafe.