Crayon Pop Ellin “Birthday Gift? Rank #1, Please” (Interview)

Following mega hit songs ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Uh-ee,’ Crayon Pop is back once again with ‘FM’, another concept full of personality, and member Ellin’s 26th birthday.

From last year to this year, while busily completing activities on Mnet M!Countdown, it seems as if Ellin’s birthday will pass quickly; “Even so, Crayon Pop is first,” she said, capturing hearts. We met up with Ellin, crying cutely “Give Crayon Pop a hit as my birthday gift,” for a birthday comment.

Q. [Isn’t it a shame to have activities on your birthday?]
A: “It’s interesting that my last birthday also fell on our first broadcast on ‘M!ka.’ We always seem to comeback on my birthday. Truthfully, even though I want to have a birthday party, I think of work first. Instead of birthday gifts, it’d be better for Crayon Pop to hit it big.”

-Q. [생일을 맞은 소감은?]
▶A: “Honestly, if someone doesn’t tell me ‘it’s your birthday’ I’ll forget. This year, even though I was so busy preparing for our comeback that I forgot, thanks to our fans I’ll always know when it is. If I were alone, I would celebrate my birthday and not work.”

-Q. [What are your thoughts about gaining another year?]
▶A: “I can only sigh. Though I think that age is just a number. Haha. Lately when I see young and lively rookie hoobaes I have thoughts like ‘I guess I’m old.’ I was also at a lively age when I debuted; now I’m broken.”

-Q. [What age do you anticipate the most? And the reason?]
▶A: “Turning 28. The reason is just because I had my fortune told and it said that I would blossom more after my 28th year. Personally I’m kind of looking forward to different opportunities coming. It would be nice if I were casted in a movie or drama.”

-Q. [On your birthday, what are the words you hate to hear the most and the words you want to hear the most?]
▶A: “What I hate hearing the most is birthday wishes emphasizing the ‘26th.’ What I want to hear the most would be ‘What do you want for your gift?’ wouldn’t it?”

-Q. [What is a birthday to Ellin?]
▶A: “A time to acknowledge that I’ve aged another year. ㅠㅠ.”

-Q. [What was your prophetic dream?]
▶A: “I gave my mother peaches, but as for the story I don’t really remember.”

-Q. [Your most memorable birthday?]
▶A: “My first one after debut. From the beginning it was one the fans put together. I’d never had so many people mindful of my birthday so it was really amazing.”

-Q. [’The most special gift I’ve ever received’?]
▶A: “My second birthday after debut was spent overseas so the members bought a cake and celebrated with me. At that time, the members collected a bit of money and gave it to me as a gift saying “this is what you need to live;” however that money contained the members’ hearts so I couldn’t spend it.”

-Q. [Is there a birthday gift you’d like to receive?]
▶A: “1st place. On either digital charts or broadcast. If not either of those, then I’d like to be ranked first on portal sites’ real-time search rankings.”

-Q. [If you were to go on a birthday trip, is there something you would definitely want to do?]
▶A: “Travel. I also want to go shopping, eat, and walk the streets alone. I just want to enjoy being free.”

-Q. [What did you wish for when you were young? Did it come true?]
▶A: “When I was young I used to wish for a Barbie Doll that I really wanted. But I never got one. Every birthday I’d wish for that, but I always got school supplies instead.”

-Q. [10 years from now how do you imagine Ellin’s birthday?]
▶A: “Even at that time I want to celebrate while working. I don’t only want to work on music broadcasts. It would be good if I could celebrate my birthday while filming a drama.”

-Q. [Is there a star you’d like to receive birthday wishes from?]
▶A: “Lee Hyori sunbae-nim. She’s a person I’ve respected since I was young. I don’t even have to meet her in person, if she would just write ‘Minyoung-ah Happy Birthday. Fighting!’ on her blog I’d be really happy.”

-Q. [Is there anyone you want to thank?]
▶A: “My parents. And I want to convey my thankfulness to the YongPop members and fans. Something I want to say? To my parents ‘Of course thank you for raising me.’ To the members and fans I want to say ‘lets always spend my birthday together.’ Haha.”

-Q. [Please say something to yourself for your birthday.]
▶A: “Minyoung-ah you’re old now, too, so come to your sense. Even though it can be scary to eat new things, from now on don’t be intimidated to try something new and it’s good if you’re always facing challenges.”

Source: gyeongje today
Translated by: chrome-family@tumblr