Crayon Pop Eats Dinner with Supporter of Charity

We had previously posted about how 5 lucky fans had a dinner date with Crayon Pop, and it was for a charitable cause! Crayon Pop fans are helping Crayon Pop with their goal to do more charity in the year 2014!

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Girl groupĀ Crayon PopĀ held an event to eat dinner with charity supporters.

On June 2, Chrome Entertainment announced: “Crayon Pop ate dinner with the supporters of the We Generation Campaign, held to support children with Leukemia on May 26”.

The campaign was held to support YoonSuk, a 15 year-old boy with leukemia. Previously, Crayon Pop had promised a dinner event for a selected supporter.

Crayon Pop stated: “The dinner was a very special time for all of us. We hope Yoon Suk will recover well from surgery”.

Staff of We Generation stated: “We gathered $16,257, more than our projected goal of $5,000. Crayon Pop’s popularity helped to gather supporters”.

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop opens the stage for Lady Gag’s concert: “2014 artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball for 30 minutes in the US and Canada on June 26-July 22.

Source: KpopStarz