Crayon Pop Behind the Scenes Report

Special Crayon Pop’s 1 year own new song ‘FM’ M/V filming scenes revealed

Crayon Pop has came back with ‘FM’  after 1 year since their April 2014 ‘Uh-ee’. Crayon Pop has always returned with fun concepts such as “Bar Bar Bar”‘s helmet concept, “Uh-ee”‘s ramie clothes, etc. This time they are coming back as female warriors. Previously they had a cute image, but this time with new song ‘FM’, they will come back in a more mature manner.

We reveal behind the scenes for how they take off their helmets and transform into female warriors for their new song ‘FM’ music video .

Story Crayon Pop’s new song ‘FM’ music video shoot
It’s been 1 year since we’ve seen Crayon Pop as a whole! Now, what are the Crayon Pop’s members doing in the middle of a desolate place?

They were shooting for their new song ‘FM”s music video. Crayon Pop’s ‘FM’ music video was filmed in a quarry in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.


Crayon Pop members huddle together to check the monitors after the shoot ends. It is always a pleasure to work with the five girls but they are always serious when it comes down to work.

During the shoot, Soyul chats with other members while smiling brightly . In fact, on the day of the shoot, there was very strong wind blowing at the quarry, and the members suffered a lot, but they were still able to laugh through it.


Despite it being a cold day with strong winds blowing all day, the members had to wear very thin clothes. Whenever cut was shouted, the members all huddle together under blankets and jackets to endure through the grueling winds. Only through hardship will a completed work of high quality emerge?


Crayon Pop’s new song ‘FM’ has multiple small items used for shooting. Left photo is that of the staff preparing a gun cannon and the right picture is the Crayon Pop members’ weapons. Which weapons belong to which member?


Crayon Pop transforms into warriors to defeat the bad guys! They too can’t be missing robots?


New song ‘FM’ music video also has beautiful explosion scenes. Each member has her own individual color. If you are wondering which color belongs to which member, stay tune to the end of the article~~!


Again, Crayon Pop changes the location of their shoot. This time they are wearing camouflage pattern costumes.


Way who is smiling at the camera. Does the apple head look go well with her?


In their individual shots, Soyul, Ellin, Choa (clockwise from left). With their cute, pure charisma they are all-rounded entertainers

But wait!
Member Soyul cute parade happens.


The hair can’t be wrong (??)


With a fatal attraction

The definition of cute Park. Hye. Kyeong! Soyul has sniped at the hearts of the fans.


Finally the members of Crayon Pop exits~

Have you fallen for Crayon Pop’s charms? Too bad the pictures do not give the Crayon Pop members justice. From their cute look and transforming into female warriors, I can’t wait for Crayon Pop’s new song ‘FM”s music video.

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(Member-specific color: Gemmi-Blue, Choa-Red, Ellin-Pink, Way-Orange, Soyul-Yellow)

Choreography Crayon Pop- ‘FM’ Choreography

Video Crayon Pop – ‘FM’ MV Teaser 2

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Source: Naver Music