Crayon Pop becomes models for cosmetic company, COSON

Girl-band Crayon Pop has become a model for a cosmetic brand. Cosmetic company ‘COSON’, which has a large number of customers online, has chosen Crayon Pop as the model for its brand.

Crayon Pop was also chosen as a model for a friend chicken brand. The members took off the head scarves and had a commercial photo shot for the cosmetic brand, showing off their pretty faces that have been covered by the scarves.

Crayon Pop members look unique and cute on stage. But they look pure and innocent for the new advertisement and their skin look bright and clean.

An official from COSON says, “As Crayon Pop has become a big star overseas with its song ‘Bar Bar Bar’, we hope our brand can foray into the foreign market. I think Crayon Pop will help increase sales for off line stores overseas.”

Having become the blue chip in commercial in the advertising world, Crayon Pop will fly to the US to perform for the opening stages of Lady Gaga’s ‘2014 artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball’ concert for a month from June 26th to July 22nd.140527 coson

Source: GET IT K