140626 Crayon Pop at Lady Gaga’s Milwaukee Concert

Crayon Pop is on stage with their red ‘Bar Bar Bar’ outfits. According to an article on Naver, Lady Gaga came to Crayon Pop’s rehearsal and even danced to their songs. A short video introducing Crayon Pop was played at the beginning. They performed all their title songs, starting with ‘Bar Bar Bar’, then Saturday Night, Bing Bing, Dancing Queen, Lonely Christmas, Uh-ee, and finally ending off with a Bar Bar Bar 2.0 remix.

YouTube playlist

Lady Gaga proceeded to tweeting about Crayon Pop

Our newest opener CRAYON POP is on RIGHT NOW AND SO CUTE! K-pop in Milwaukee #changinglives

8:06pm CDT (local time): And their act is over!

In general the reaction to Crayon Pop was mixed. Naturally, there were hurtful and racist remarks on Twitter, but the positive ones started to appear after their performance was over. Nothing that wasn’t unexpected.

Source: Twitter 1, Lady Gaga’s Twitter, Instagram, Naver

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    One the videos here is a clip of them performing “Lonely Christmas”: http://instagram.com/jess_czarnecki

  • GBuster

    Now worried about ignorant racist Twitter remarks as we have seen far worse from before. Keep on fighting thugpop!

    • PopjusshiG

      Agree totally! Small minded twits are with us always!,open your mind and your ass will follow idiots.

    • Michael DeLuigi

      Unfortunately I figured it would happen from this crowd. I hope they can get out and promote to see that most Americans aren’t like that. I don’t want them going back to Korea thinking America is full of perverts and haters.

  • 김제레미

    plz..youtube link

  • BunnyMECH

    I hope to see a videos of their full performances on YouTube. And hopefully there will be more crowd interaction as they go along.

  • Kat CrazyRevy

    I’ll be at the show in NJ on Sat hoping to get video to share with everyone of there performance. Long as I’m not super distracted by just watching lol

    • wollapop

      I’ll be there too.. in the bowl area.. but i was wondering when they’re flying in??? i wanna greet them at the airport whichever one that may be.. phili or newark? ahhhhhh!!

      • Michael DeLuigi

        I think they are riding a tour bus throughout the tour. I’ve seen pics of it, not hard to find, it’s got them in their UH EE outfits on it.

        • wollapop

          thanks.. i’ll comb atlantic city like theres no tomorrow trying to find it.. but dang thats a long drive.. by plane its barely 2 hrs.. on bus its like 15-16 hrs shizz,

        • Administrator

          The Crayon Pop styled tour bus is unrelated to Lady Gaga’s tour though…

  • That was amazing! Who said they weren’t good performers? :3

  • numetal_militia

    What’s up with the shitty background? They did travel all the way from Korea, I think they deserve better…

    • Anthony Ashcraft

      It’s like that for every tour opener.

  • Hector M.

    Wish they could also sing “Beautiful” and “1, 2, 3, 4”. Those two songs are really good and beauty.

    • d’arc madr

      Agree! And add “Hey Mister” as well. Love the upbeat dance routines but when they slow it down a notch you can really hear the beauty in their voices.