140728 Crayon Pop as Weather Girls

On 28 July, Crayon Pop will be appearing on SBS Morning Wide as weather casters. The news will begin airing at 6am. It is likely to be in the 2nd portion of the show, which would be 7am. Watch the streams either here or here. Do join the chat too!

Crayon Pop appeared in 2 short segments during (near the end of the 1st part and at the end of the 2nd hour) to tell viewers to keep on watching. They reported the weather, and also displayed their jumping skills. They ended it with a short chat with the newscasters about their clothing and Lady Gaga concert performances. The Uh-ee MV was aired at the end of the program too.


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  weather2Source: Naver News

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    After hearing Gummi’s narration on their Healing Tour videos, I always thought she would be well-suited to be some sort of presenter – news, weather, talk show, dj, etc.

    • apieth

      Agree… she has a soft tone voice..
      I love it

    • I love Gummi’s ‘hahaha’ laughter.. its contagious! =)

  • GBuster

    No rest for the weary. Back to hectic idol schedules!

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I wonder if Elgu is typical of the girls…she seemed a bit bored with all the downtime they had in North America. After a non-stop hectic life these past two years, a regular life might not seem very exciting.

      • GBuster

        But for every Elgu there is a Sulli or of course a Kris. But I think she just wants attention based on the IG posts she made. The Korean pop-jhussi are more than willing to get her attention.

      • Rob B

        I think that may have had more to do with being in another country for a month straight, not speaking the language, and not knowing anyone besides who came with them. I’ve never done it, but I’m sure it’s taxing as hell.

  • The weather will be awesome because of Crayon Pop! haha! 😀