Crayon Pop as avatars for Elsword

Nexon (CEO Park Ji-won) will be revealing the new avatars for the online action-RPG game, ‘Elsword’ modeled after popular girl group Crayon Pop on 1 April.

Officials also say that the implemented avatars will also do Crayon Pop’s comeback song ‘FM”s choreography.

Since 2013, Crayon Pop has had ties with ‘Elsword’, due to their unique concept. Avatar costumes in the image of Crayon Pop’s subunit group, Strawberry Milk (Choa and Way) were also released in October.

Source: Gameple

  • cpcvn

    Well I thought we have waited long enough for a full album

  • Jordan G

    *sigh* still no full album

  • PopjusshiG

    Even the CEO gets the fart joke.

  • rdglde30

    That almost looks dangerous – explosions. Still no full album, thought there would be some extra money since they let the Bob Girls go, Oh well.

  • Yeah… I see… a black GameCube with a Crayon Pop Rangers game disc.
    No, wait… o/

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    It’s possible that a famous producer like ST could negotiate a per-unit fee or percentage for their next release; if so, it could make sense financially for Chrome to hold back any unreleased tracks and just put out a mini-album.