Crayon Pop 3rd Anniversary Congratulatory Fanart and Video

Crayon Pop’s official fancafe on Daum has made a call for fanart and/or congratulatory videos to be submitted to them for Crayon Pop’s 3rd anniversary since debut celebrations.

Fanart received will be put on display.

3rd Anniversary congratulatory videos to show your love for YongPop should be short, around 15 seconds.

These congratulatory videos will only be used for Crayon Pop members’ 3rd anniversary. There is no need to worry about it being used for other purposes, send in your congratulations for YongPop’s 3rd anniversary!

The submissions should be submitted by 5 July 2015, 8pm KST.

For fanart, e-mail to
For the congratulatory video, e-mail to

For the title, please put 팬아트 for fanart, and 축하영상 for congratulatory video. Remember to include your nickname/name and where you come from!

Source: Daum Fancafe