Crayon Pop 2nd Anniversary Message Book

As seen on CPTV S3E01 and in various pictures of the 7/22 fanmeet, a few members of Crayon Pop have been confirmed to have read the book.

Many fans are curious about the contents of the book, but for privacy reasons, we do not intend to release them in their full glory. We will however share some of the thoughts into designing the book and some of the inside jokes we employed.

First off, the theme of the book was that of a fan journey or path through a Crayon Pop RPG-like world. As a result, we decide to have a logo on the front cover that most people will recognize, which is that of a Final Fantasy inspired logo. Naturally, the ‘Bar Bar Bar’ dragon (용) seemed the most apt, both in terms of tying both Crayon Pop and the RPG theme together. (Unfortunately, Soyul had problems reading the word ‘Anniversary’)


The back cover was simple, with hope that they will carry on charging forward.

The first page is a message to Crayon Pop with staff credits.

After that, it jumps straight into the scenario messages, and a fan (depicted by 8 bit hg4wee) traverses the Crayon Pop world map till he eventually meets the final boss, literally, Boss (두목).

After overcoming the Boss with your fan answers, we proceed to the road to victory, where periods are relived, along with supporting congratulatory messages for Crayon Pop.

As the chest slowly opens, things that mean something to the various members are released. 😉

Finally, once the treasure chest is fully opened, all the fanart that you fans have provided us on a Reddit contest were released!

Finally, we showcase messages our affiliates all around the world have for Crayon Pop.

We hope you enjoyed some snippets of the message book. As many might know, is actually less than 3 months old, and we have had many projects that we were organizing at the same time, such as subbing Crayon Pop videos, organizing the fanmeet and designing/translating the message book too, so we were really tight on time with regards to the design of the book. We also would like to thank all the donors to the Crayon Pop 2nd Anniversary Project for making this possible!

P.S. Here is a shoutout to Nels from Malaysia. Our translators enjoyed your answers the most!