Crayon Pop 1st Japan Live Tour

Korean girl group, Crayon Pop, performed at the Tokyo Science Hall in Tokyo on 31 Jan 2016 for their final stop in their first Japan live tour.

Dressed in white and red mini-skirts, they performed several of their classic songs. They then switched into tracksuits of their “We Are Pirates” to perform their famous “Bar Bar Bar”, and other songs. Altogether, they performed 19 songs, including the encore. The concert had a day and night session, and both shows entertained a total of 800 fans.

Throughout their tour from Nagoya on the 29 to Kobe on the 30th, they held five concerts, attracting a total of 1800 people.

There will be a sale of Crayon Pop 1st Japan Tour 2016 DVD for 3800 JPY released on 16 March 2016. It will be 80 minutes long. You can buy it using the following links.

Amazon Japan

YesAsia US

YesAsia Global


HMV Japan

Catch some of the never-seen-before footage of Hey Mister, We Are Pirates, Y-Shirt and performances from Strawberry Milk below!

Source: Nikkansports, PONY CANYON

  • ezekiel

    hey mister!!^^

  • CP Ranger

    I’m happy that their tour in Japan was successful. Interestingly, this web site said Choa and Way sang a ballad called 「アルリョジュセヨ」 which google/bing translates as “Aruryojuseyo.” I wonder if it’s a new, unreleased Strawberry Milk song or a cover of a Korean song.

    Anyways, I’ll look forward to getting the concert DVD when it’s released.

    And, I think Crayon Pop have become Mr. Miyagi from ‘the Karate Kid’ because they’re teaching us to ‘wax on & wax off’ with their “We Are Pirates” choreography. 😀

    • It’s “Please Let Me Know”, a released Strawberry milk song.

  • robertrickett

    In just a little over a year and a half they’ve gone from a 5 song opening for Lady Gaga to a 19 song solo concert tour. I am so impressed. I going to have a hard time waiting for the DVD, but I’ll get it just before my birthday. I couldn’t be happier right now. Congratulations to the Girls; Crayon Pop, your the best!!

  • MadOnCP

    Wow, looks like the Girls and crew all work hard over that tour, lets hope they get some well deserved rest. Amazing performance again.

  • ezekiel
  • Noor Ahmed

    so happy for them

  • I have ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ .

  • Brandon Lim

    I can only come to the conclusion they need a bigger stage.

  • migiwy

    What a good surprise ! ”Hey Mister” live 👍👏🎵

  • cp_whaiting

    I hazard a guess the last video was filmed by a pervert fan looking up? grrrrr…

    • lapdogg4030

      I thought they had a song titled “Upside Down”.

  • ezekiel Crayon Pop – We are Pirates | Photoshoots and etc

  • Nacho Bidnith

    Pony Canyon is claiming ownership rights on Crayon Pop songs and youtube is blocking them in America. So far they’ve banned both the versions of the Bing Bing dance practice videos I had in my playlist and one other from last week that I can’t remember which one it was now.

    I’m not going to blame the girls for this but if I can’t watch the videos on youtube I’m sure as hell not going to buy any more of their CD’s.

    • ezekiel

      that’s suck.. japanese copyright law are weird sometimes.. but i will keep supporting the girls by buying all their CD’s..^^

  • Rimas

    How can I find CP’s touring info? I’d love them to come to the USA again since I missed them that time, but I figure the chances of that may be slim. I’d like to know if they have a schedule in Korea or even Japan then I could plan a trip accordingly.