Geummi :


Name: Geummi (금미)
Real Name: Baek Boram (백보람)
D.O.B.: 18 June 1988
Height: 165 cm
Color: Blue
Fan Club Site: GeumLiDang (금리딩)
Individual Fanchant: 천연비타민 금미가 왔어! 굉장햐해 [Cheon Yeon Bi Ta Min Geummi Ga Wa So! Gaeng Jang Hae!] (Natural Vitamin Gummi is here! The feeling's good)

Geummi is the eldest member and is the group mom.  She is known for her strength and was a hair implant specialist prior to training to become a singer. She was the first member to take on a lead role in a (web) drama production, '6 Persons Room'. Through it, she was also the first member to release a solo OST song, 'Sunlight' for the drama.

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Ellin :


Name: Ellin (엘린)
Real Name: Kim Minyoung (김민영)
D.O.B.: 2 April 1990
Height: 165 cm
Color: Pink
Fan Club Site: El Dorado
Individual Fanchant: 미소천사! 김민영 [Mi So Chong Sa Kim Min Young] (Smiling Angel, Kim Minyoung)
Nicknames: Elgu (The El is short for Ellin, and gu refers to a comedic character named Young-gu that is known for being dimwitted.), L9 (L for El, 9 is Gu in Korean), Angel of Smiles, El-genius (Has moments of brilliance), Hidden Card

Ellin is is the second eldest member in Crayon Pop and was a fitting model prior to training to become a singer. She is a gamer, and plays first player shooters like 'Sudden Attack' and action real time strategy games like 'League of Legends'. She attributes it to having played with her younger brother while growing up.

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Choa :


Name: Choa (초아)
Real Name: Huh Minjin (허민진)
D.O.B.: 12 July 1990
Height: 163 cm
Color: Red
Fan Club Site: Chopa (초파)
Individual Fanchant: 촤 촤 일심초아! 배신은 죽음이다! [Chu-ah! x 2 Yil Sim Cho Ah! Bei Shi Nen? Cho Geumi Da] (Good, One Heart (for) Choa! Result of Betrayal? Death!)
Nicknames: Princess

Choa is the main vocalist of Crayon Pop and likes to be called princess.  She is also the older twin sister of Way. Despite being a high school dropout, she is currently an acting major at Seoul Institute of the Arts and had a minor role in a KBS Korean drama 'High School - Love On'.  She was also featured on label-mate's Zan Zan's debut single MV and contributed her vocals to one of their tracks. Together with Way, they had formed a subunit, Strawberry Milk.

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Way :


Name: Way (웨이)
Real Name: Huh Minsun (허민선)
D.O.B.: 12 July 1990
Height: 163 cm
Color: Orange
Fan Club Site: Wayland
Individual Fanchant: 웨이는 레알이야! 절세미녀 허민선! [Way-ee nen? Realiya! Jeol Sae Min Nyo Heo Min Seon] (What is Way? Real! Absolute Beauty Heo Min Seon)
Nicknames: Heo-Beauty (Recently changed, as Korean fans feel bad calling her pig), Pig, Wedge (Way and dwaeji means pig in Korean)

Way is in charge of the mic as she is the main spokesperson for Crayon Pop. She is also renowned for her appetite and is the younger twin sister of Choa. She has a catchphrase when she eats along the lines of, "the ___ is alive and jumping in my mouth!"

Way was a singer in indie band N.Dolphin (엔돌핀), which she had contributed in the writing and composition of the songs. She was the last member to join Crayon Pop after a member of Hurricane Pop left. Despite being a high school dropout, Way had passed her 'General Education Diploma' and is currently a 'Modern Music' major at Sungshin Women's University. Together with Choa, they had formed a subunit, Strawberry Milk.

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Soyul :


Name: Soyul (소율)
Real Name: Park Hyekyeong (박혜경)
D.O.B.: 15 May 1991
Height: 162 cm
Color: Yellow
Fan Club Site: Ver Soyul
Individual Fanchant: 아름답다! 박혜경! [Areumdapda Park Hye Kyeong] (Beautiful Park Hye Kyeong)

Soyul is Crayon Pop's mascot and maknae (youngest member). She is known for being very energetic and tenacious.  She was previously part of a duo called Chic6 Muscats with current labelmate Jina from Bob Girls. On 12 Jan 2015, she released her first debut solo, 'Y-Shirt' which featured Zan Zan's Yang Jungmo. As of 2015, Soyul has enrolled in Sungshin Women's University's College of Culture and Arts as a college student majoring in visual-media acting.

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