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Choa's "Forever Love" released in PureTeaAnd commercial
Crayon Pop releases "DooDoomChit" MV
Choa's feature in JIN's "The Breakup"
Way debuts as an actress
Twins release "Always" for "Mirror of the Witch" OST
Crayon Pop releases "Crayon Pop 1st Japan Tour 2016" DVD
Crayon Pop 1st Japan Tour 2016
Crayon Pop releases "CRAYON POP" Japanese full album
Crayon Pop releases "pop in book" pictorial book
Twins release "I Hate You" duet song


Crayon Pop releases "Dancing All Night" MV
Crayon Pop releases "RaRiRuRe" MV
Way debuts as a musical actress
Crayon Pop releases collaboration song "Sup?" with Robin Deiana
Twins feature in 'Road' MV and song
Choa debuts as a musical actress
Crayon Pop releases "FM" MV
Crayon Pop reveals 'FM' at SXSW in the USA
Crayon Pop's Chinese new year song released
Crayon Pop's Soyul released debut solo


Strawberry Milk (ft. Bob Girls) Showcase in Japan
Crayon Pop Mini Album release event in Japan
Chrome Family "Love Christmas" MV released
Crayon Pop Live in Bangkok
Special Japanese mini-album released in Japan
Crayon Pop unit 'Strawberry Milk' debuts
2014 First Chrome Family in Japan Concert
Crayon Pop's C'mon C'mon released for High School Love On drama
Crayon Pop 1st Mini Live Concert in Taipei
Crayon Pop TV Season 3 Opens
Crayon Pop first fanmeeting in USA
Crayon Pop begins Lady Gaga tour
Chrome Happy Concert
Crayon Pop releases "Hey Mister" track
Crayon Pop at KMF 2014
"Uh-ee" Comeback
Crayon Pop releases "Uh-ee" MV
First fanmeet in Hong Kong
Appearance on China TV
"Hero" Project with Kim Janghoon


"Lonely Christmas" Comeback
Crayon Pop releases "Lonely Christmas" MV
Crayon Pop at MAMA
2nd POPCON in Tokyo
Crayon Pop in Australia
1st POPCON in Seoul
Crayon Pop releases "Dancing Queen 2.0" MV
Crayon Pop releases "Bar Bar Bar (Global Version)" MV
First Music Show win
Crayon Pop first performance in the US
Crayon Pop at Qingdao Beer Festival
First mini-concert in Korea
Crayon Pop releases "Bar Bar Bar (Choreography version)" MV
Crayon Pop releases "Bar Bar Bar (Story Version)" MV
Crayon Pop TV Season 2 Opens
First live performance of "Bar Bar Bar"
Third mini-concert in Japan
Second mini-concert in Japan
"Bing Bing" Comeback
First mini-concert in Japan


1st Crayon Pop TV Episode
Crayon Pop begins guerrilla performances
"Dancing Queen" promotions begin
Crayon Pop official stage debut (Korea)
"Crayon Pop 1st Mini Album" released
Crayon Pop released "Bing Bing" MV
First Guerrilla Performance
Way joins Chrome Ent
Serang leaves Chrome Ent
Hurricane Pop Bing Bing Filming
Hurricane Pop's first Public Appearance


Chrome Ent Established