Comprehensive Support Guide

If you haven’t already figured it out, we’d like to take a moment to announce that we will be hosting an autographed Strawberry Milk mini album giveaway!  Stay tuned this weekend for more information on how you can win a copy.  Until then, let us delve into the Comprehensive Support Guide!


Before we continue, we’d like to add a small disclaimer and let our readers know that we are not industry professionals, nor do we claim to have full knowledge of practices within the music industry.  With that out of the way, we present to you our own comprehensive guide.

What is a Comprehensive Support Guide?
Many of our readers are excited about the debut of Crayon Pop’s first subunit, Strawberry Milk, and wish to show their support during this promotional period.  We’ve received many questions in regards to how we can go about doing so, and we’re more than happy to address your concerns.  The purpose of the  Comprehensive Support Guide is to explain how Strawberry Milk’s success is directly related to the various ways that we show our support.  If there is anything important you feel was not mentioned in this guide, comment below and we’ll be glad to receive your input.  As we receive more information, we will continue to update the guide.

1. Social Media
Impacts: Social music charts such as GAON, music broadcast programs (Mnet, MBC, etc.), and overall public awareness.
Note: Charting systems vary in criteria and the values placed on them.

The impact of social media is something that has been increasing exponentially during the last decade.  Every time you share a music video with someone, or tweet how much you love ‘OK(오케이)’, you are contributing to Strawberry Milk’s social awareness.  It may not seem like you’re doing much, but social media plays a large role in supporting your favorite artists.  Many experts consider social media a factor in measuring popularity and relevance.  So tweet away!  This is the easiest and most straightforward way to show your support and we hope everyone does this!   For your convenience, we’ve gone ahead and embedded the ‘OK(오케이)’ music video below, as well as on the front page.

2.  Purchasing Albums and Singles: Physical and Digital 
Impacts: Hanteo and GAON charts (used by most music broadcast programs as a metric for ranking songs).

Labels invest heavily in creating concepts, choreography, songwriting, and the list goes on.  The end result is we’re provided with amazing music, videos, and performances.  There is a lot of money, time, and manpower involved in producing and promoting the music we indulge in daily.  By purchasing singles and albums, we are supporting not only the music, but also those involved in making it all possible. Note that while only digital purchases from Korean sites, such as MelOn, will have a measurable impact on Korean digital charts and rankings, it is another avenue to support the artist.

Purchase: Physical, and Digital

3.  Voting
Impacts: Music Broadcast Rankings, Performances

Part of being a pop music artist is being able to perform live.  During promotional cycles, popular artists are invited to perform on weekly music broadcast programs.  These programs have their own ranking systems, in which they rank the most popular songs of the week.  These rankings are essentially a measure of support and a factor broadcast programs consider when inviting artists to perform on their network.  Being active in social media and purchasing music contribute to rank, but some ranking systems also incorporate a voting system.

M! Countdown Voting Guide:
The poll is active from Friday 11:00AM KST to Monday 9:00AM KST
Editor’s Note: We added an additional link immediately after Step 2c that allows you to cast an additional vote

MelON Voting Guide:
MelON is an online music commerce site owned by LOEN Entertainment.  They have their own live ranking system which takes into account sales and online voting.  Rankings contribute to which artists are nominated for their major annual music award show.

A Message to our Readers:

The takeaway here is that there are many ways to support Crayon Pop and Strawberry Milk.  We’ve mentioned the most key methods of support, but it is important to know that you can make an impact simply by showing your support.  Even sending words of encouragement and kindness can go a long way.

We here at are always looking for ways to support the group we’ve all come to love and respect.  We also appreciate our affiliated fan bases for all they’ve contributed and for keeping this wonderful ship afloat. has never been about recognition or personal gain.  We’re very proud of the team we have for their hard work and dedication towards providing fans with quality content and events.  The past year has been an exciting one, and we are grateful not only for Crayon Pop, but for like-minded individuals such as yourselves.  Thank you!

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    I thought international digital purchases don’t impact Korean charts? When you go on the Gaon website it doesn’t list iTunes, Amazon, etc. anywhere. It only lists Korean websites like Melon, Naver, etc.

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      Our guide for digital purchases mainly considered consumer markets where knowing where to purchase Korean music isn’t as apparent as it is in the Korean market. It is important to note however, that although iTunes, Amazon, etc. may not impact Gaon’s music charts, they still support the artist.

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