Comic Books Based on Crayon Pop’s Success Story to be Released

A series of comic books will be released based on Crayon Pop.

Chrome Entertainment announced that a series of comic books titled Charge! Crayon Pop will be released for sale through Coupang on July 31.

Charge! Crayon Pop will be divided into five books and it will tell the story of Crayon Pop’s preparation prior to the debut to performing guerilla concerts as well as ranking number one with the hit Bar Bar Bar.

The stories of their daily lives will also be shared through the comic books, in which the members are depicted in ‘super deformation’ characters, accentuating the cute and friendly image of Crayon Pop.


An affiliate of Chrome Entertainment stated, “The comic books, based on a true story, will make the readers of all ages feel like they are watching a cartoon. You will find out the full story of Crayon Pop, who presented a guerilla concert in training suits in the middle of a winter and finally won the first place on a music program, through this comic book series. You can anticipate.”

Photo credit: Chrome Entertainment

Source: Mwave

  • Neonmoon

    Crayon Pop legend begins…next animated cartoon adventure with actual voices of the girls???

  • Amo

    Hope someone releases a preview of a page or two. I might consider ordering it!

  • Neonmoon

    Ah..5 volumes..with each edition’s cover featuring each idol?? ..with Way as the first..???

  • p-trom2

    this cover is Way too cute. crayon pop <3 haha i love the tiny soyul and ellin, also gummi looks adorable. ChoA<3

  • I’ll definitely buy them all! ahaha! XD

  • Drakis07

    Hum, I just remarked something, It’s look like the same drawing from the Crayon Pop calendar 2014 so it must be the same artist.

    • Administrator

      It is one of the managers of Chrome, Alchangee ( who did all that artwork, including being the author of this comic book.

      • Drakis07

        oh i didn’t know that, well glad i was right about being the same artist the Calendar pics was very cute so i guess the comic books will be even cuter. I will try to get the 5 volumes for sure, even if i can’t read korean that will give me a good reason to start learning.

        • Administrator

          Alchangee is a guy.

          • Drakis07

            hum really? ok my mistake then. There was lot of pics of the same girl on his twitter so i thought he was that girl. Anyway he is a very talented artist.