Chrome Family Concert in Japan Ticket Give away will be sponsoring tickets to fans who will be able to be in Japan on 4 October for the Chrome Family Concert. Details of the give away are written in Japanese and English below.

CrayonPop.Me along with HeartPop will be hosting a ticket giveaway for Chrome Family Concert in Japan. The concert event will take place on October 4th, with the first show at 13:00 and second show at 17:00. The ticket giveaway will be for the second showing at 17:00. To enter for a chance to win one of the 10 tickets, please send in: your name, country, a reason for wanting to go to concert to Winner will be announced on and notified by email.

この度クロームファミリーコンサート日本公演開催に向けて、CrayonPop.Meとハートポップが共同で公演チケットのプレゼントを行うことになりました。この公演は10月4日、第一公演は13時から、第二公演は17時から行われるものですが、今回のチケットプレゼントは17時からの公演のみが対象で、当選数は10枚となります。このプレゼント企画に参加するためには以下の情報を にお送りください:1)氏名、2)国、3)コンサートを観覧したい理由 当選者は サイト上での発表及び当選の旨を記載したEメールが送られます。

CrayonPop.Me이 HeartPop과 함께 일본에서 열리는 크롬 페밀리 콘서트 티켓 10장을 무료증정합니다. 콘서트는 10월 4일 첫번째 쇼는 13:00에, 두번째는 17:00에 시작합니다. 증정될 티켓은 17:00시분 입니다. 이벤트 참여 방법은 이름, 나라, 그리고 콘서트 참여 동기 이유를 써서 으로 보내 주시면 됩니다. 당첨되신분들은 확인 이메일 보내드리며 CrayonPop.me에서 발표됩니다.

Update: All 10 tickets have been awarded! Tickets have been mailed out to the 7 Japanese fans, and 3 non-Japanese fans will receive it on the day of the concert.

  • CP Ranger


    Thank you for the generosity!
    Also, thank you Google Translate.

    Wow…I never thought trying to show my appreciation at the continued
    generosity of fellow Crayon Pop fans would lead me to have a crash course
    in online Japanese language learning consisting of Google Translate, 3 different
    online English – Japanese dictionaries and learning about が and は particles and
    I probably still got everything wrong! hahahaha!