Chrome Family Christmas picture

As we approach Christmas, Chrome Entertainment has updated one of their headers with a Christmas picture of the Chrome family artists, in preparation for their 2014 Chrome Family digital single – Love Christmas that will be released on 3 Dec 2014.


Source: Chrome Entertainment Official Website

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Where’s Loki? Looks like the Gu Girls have matching outfits, maybe they came up with some dance routine…

    • touchthesky

      I think Loki may have left K-Much/Chrome. His profile is no longer on Chrome’s website.

      • PopjusshiG

        I guess I wouldn’t blame him, they haven’t done much of anything after they debuted. I’m wondering how much longer the rest of them will hang around?

      • nichokol

        My regards
        It’s a real shame if the rumors that came out of Chrome, if so confirmed, I hope you have done on good terms, I believe that Chrome is a big family, and I like that they support girls always Crayon Pop but sometimes I think that neglect their other artists or can not handle or give enough support because of time or calendar, anyway, I hope they are just rumors and I may be wrong

  • so ChoA is an X-men mutant right? those are Wolverine claws, no? xD