Chrome Entertainment’s Response to the Recent “Hugging” Incident

On November 14, Crayon Pop performed at an event in Cheonan. While the members were exiting the stage, a male fan tried to hug ChoA. Since then, video clips of the incident have been circulating in online communities claiming that a member of Crayon Pop was sexually harassed.

However, according to the group’s agency today, “The manager pulled him away immediately, and fortunately there was not much physical contact. We decided to let him off with a warning.” The rep of the agency also stated, “There was security guards patrolling the site, but the audience was so close to the stage, and the incident took place all of a sudden. We will set this as a lesson and put more effort into protecting Crayon Pop.”

Meanwhile Crayon Pop plans to release its new song “Ggurisumas,” on November 26.

Source: Soompi