Choa To Participate In Musical Hero’s Nationwide Tour

As Choa has mentioned in her recent Instagram posts, the Musical Hero will have a tour around South Korea. Choa will participate in the tour. The tour will cover 6 cities and go from 11 March to 28 May. The casting schedule for Changwon stop, Daegu stop, Gwangju stop, and Incheon stop have been revealed. You can see them below.

Source: Naver Blog

  • Tom

    Great for her, but it makes me antsy for CP’s future.

  • h4iumb1

    So she decided to participate in the nationwide tour – good for her. She also mentioned in a recent interview that the other members will have individual activities in the upcoming months. The question is: Did they sign their new pursuits as Chrome members, with a new management or on their own? Because all of these engagement take place after the contracts expire, don´t they?

    • h4iumb1
      • Clay

        The interview is clear to me. Choa wants to be an actress and is currently auditioning for roles after Hero. She further states Crayon Pop has no plans and members will be showcasing their other various talents.

        I don’t need to be hit in the head with a hammer to understand that message. I’ll enjoy following their individual careers.

  • Jason

    If anyone here has the chance to see Hero. I certainly recommend that you do.

    I saw it the night before the winter party.
    Even though I understand no Korean, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I followed the story with relative ease. The acting and singing are awesome. The sets and lighting were amazing.

    ChoA’s part is small in the whole. So if you are going just to see her perform you may be disappointed.
    ChoA’s part aside, I would wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.



  • NeonMoon

    Best cherish their last “Evolution”album…final curtain call for Crayon Pop…according to Choa, Soyul getting married was a big factor for their demise…sadly waiting for closure

    • Clay

      Agree. Closure would be nice.

      • robertrickett

        Chrome and Crayon Pop both sound indecisive, perhaps they are struggling with closure too. I’m sure, if chrome would just let Crayon Pop hang out they would. Personally, I’d be surprised if Yong Pop continued, but it would be a pleasant surprise, Their recordings, still have the power to cheer me up.