Choa Nominated For Female Rookie Award At 6th Yegreen Musical Awards

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On Oct. 26th, Yegreen Musical Awards posted their nominees for this year’s awards ceremony. Musical Production Company, Acom, reposted the nominees and highlighted the nominees related to the musicals they produced: Hero and History of Nerds. Huh Min Jin a.k.a Choa can be seen in the category for “Female Rookie Award” for the part of Ling Ling in Hero. Choa is competing against Kim Hiera for her part in History of Nerds and Lee Soyeon for her part in Sopyeonje.

Source: Twitter

  • h4iumb1

    Very nice, hope she wins. But even if not, she still got recognized for her talent. 👍

  • Jason Park

    I saw her in hero in February.
    Sadly her part was small. But she was very good and very cute on the role.

    I wish her all the best of luck.

    • Nacho Bidnith

      She looks really pretty as Ling Ling.

      • Jason Park

        She played he part really well too.
        Very bouncy and full of life.

        I wish I’d had a chance too see her performance again.
        The musical was excellent!

        Her singing voice is excellent too.
        No autotuning or other filtering often used on KPop now.

        Sadly I didn’t get to see History of Nerds. 🙁
        But I understand from others who have seen her that she played her parts well.

  • CP Ranger

    Congratulations on the nomination, Huh Minjin “Ling Ling” ^_^

  • aaaaa

    I’ve just voted again. I think you can vote once per day

    • aaaaa

      Update: so far,I have only been allowed to vote once using the IP from my home computer . but I have voted 3 times today using the internet on my mobile phone.

      • aaaaa

        just realised by using your mobile internet, you can turn your phone off and back on again to keep voting continuously