Choa Meets New Agency, To Use Real Name For Acting Activities

Girl group Crayon Pop member, Choa has signed an exclusive contract with Parkwith Entertainment and will go on to do Actress Huh Min Jin activities.

On the 21st, Agency Parkwith Entertainment conveyed the news of Huh Min Jin’s exclusive contract saying “She’s a friend with a lot of talent as an actress. She will do more to be loved by more and more people. Please cheer a lot for her as she establishes herself as an actress.”

Huh Min Jin has been steadily developing herself through vocal training, acting practice, and instrument practice, and she has been expanding the scope of her work as she has worked as major roles in many musicals, such as “Princess Deokhye”, “Hero”, and “History of Nerds”.

Huh Min Jin is confirmed to play the part of heroine Nayoung in Musical “Laundry”, which won last year’s 6th Yegreen Musical Awards “Yegreen Daesang”. The musical will be performed at the College of Oriental Arts’ Theater Hall #1, starting in May.

Source: TV Report