Choa casted as main lead to musical, “Last Princess”

As previously updated, Choa will be casted as main lead, Princess Deokhye in the 2015 run of the musical ‘덕혜옹주 (Last Princess)’, which finished auditions in late December 2014.

‘Last Princess’ is a musical about family. The plot revolves around the princess, her husband Takeyuki, and her daughter Jeonghye. Deokhye, the last princess of the Korean Empire, was taken to Japan as a hostage and abandoned from both nation and family. And her husband Takeyuki tries to his best to hold the family together, while the daughter Jeonghye can’t choose a side between Deokhye and Takeyuki.

In the musical, Choa will play both the roles of Deokhye and Jeonghye. She said, “I have always dreamed of being a musical actress who acts and sings at the same time. I am really happy to begin musicals through this opportunity. Since this is my first musical challenge, I will work hard and do my best”.”

The performance schedule is from 3 April to 28 June 2015 at SH Art Hall, hence the role will be double casted by both Choa and Moon Hyeyeong (a musical actress).  Moon Hyeyeong  was previously involved in the 2013 and 2014 productions of “Last Princess”.

The tickets are currently on sale. The current schedule is as follows, with Choa taking 2 spots in the first 10 days of the musical’s premiere (on 5 Apr and 12 Apr at 5pm). SBS’ music show, Inkigayo ends at approximately 3.30pm KST, hence this would fit with Choa’s Crayon Pop schedule.

Price: R Seats ₩55,000 / S Seats ₩45,000
Dates: 5 Apr, 12 Apr 2015. Sunday, 5pm.


Source: Daum Fancafe, Naver Blog, metro Seoul