CD9 – Get Dumb ft. Crayon Pop MV

CD9’s Get Dumb MV, featuring Crayon Pop has been released!

  • CP Hwaiting

    Wow.. I m sorry guys but it’s Crayon pop “get dumb” – featuring CD9

  • Dancing Queen

    Their hair is more weird than Kpop

  • Noor Ahmed

    love it

  • Noor Ahmed

    the girls so cute

  • dukpoki

    i like the video because it reminds me of a comic/japanese manga come to life.

  • Juliana Pinzon

    Crayon Pop perfect, CD9 gran Fail.

  • Mygiwi

    I did’nt know Crayon Pop had employed extras in their latest MV. 😂😂

    • ezekiel


  • Mygiwi

    Sorry, but I only watched the girls. They are too beautiful.
    But Geummi with bangs is My drug ! 😍👧

  • Nando

    Ok i don’t like this boys at all, so i wathced the video because our girls are there, i can’t decide if i should download the video (i have all CP videos), think i’m gonna cut the girls parts only :P. And the only positive i see in this is that i think it will help with the views in doo doom chit mv.

    • duc

      The mV received nearly 150k views in 7 hrs already.i always thought whatever you think of the’s a positive for the girls giving them more exposure…but it can be a little difficult asking them to watch the ddc mv. Its all flooded with Spanish comments.English comments might get ignored

      • Nando

        I am from Argentina so i speak spanish but we don’t need to ask them to watch ddc, i think they will wonder who are those 5 beautiful girls and they will search by themselfs, i don’t think it was a coincidence that this video was released a couple of days after ddc.

        • duc

          Great marketing strategy if it works out

      • Nando

        Ok i thinked better and i’ve just put a comment in that video asking them to watch ddc :P. Hope it will help

        • ezekiel

          good idea…^^

  • Very nice, but I want the Vroom Vroom MV too. Or I’ll cry a lot… pshif… T_T

  • robertrickett

    I’m really happy for Crayon Pop. The girls look great in this video and No.2 on the world charts – means a hit for Crayon Pop, I wasn’t a big Lady Gaga fan when she added Crayon Pop to her tour. But it brought the girls to North America and I got to meet them. How ever this collaboration came about – our plays out. It’s a timely underlying blessing for the girls and hopefully for Mexican fans.

  • WMoksg

    …… cool mv, nice hook, great energies and chemistry between them. <3