Bye Helmets~ Back as female warriors

“Officers and men of the armed forces, did you suffer from the cold spell? We miss you a lot.”

As if running out from a manhwa movie, a lovely visual filled with heart greeted the soldiers… The love for the girl group Crayon Pop spread throughout the air base.

Crayon Pop was at the grand opening at the “Air Force Training Center” on the 10th.

We met with Crayon Pop backstage, and they never stopped showing their appreciation for the military personnel throughout the interview (Ellin wasn’t able to attend due to filming).

The team’s maknae, Soyul said with her trademark half-moon eye smiles, “Last year, we didn’t perform much for the military, but the soldier-oppas were always on my mind.”

The eldest unnie, Geummi and the twin sisters Choa and Way, Ellin and Soyul debuted in 2012 as Crayon Pop. At the beginning they were shrouded in darkness, but with ‘Bar Bar Bar’ reversed their position on the charts and was propelled to the top. Children to senior citizens were excited by these helmet wearing girls dancing to the straight 5 engine cylinder dance. They also swept that year’s rookie awards, and were appointed as members of the army PR.

And it did not stop there. In 2014 ‘Uh-ee’ was released to the world. They were invited as the opening act for Lady Gaga in the United States. They also had several love calls from Japan and China. In Korea, they were busy with individual activities.

“Choa and I, as twins we formed a subunit, ‘Strawberry milk’ and did promotions, while Soyul released her album in a project, Geummi-unnie appeared in a drama. Ellin-unnie was casted in a TV program”, said Way.

Changing the subject, we talked about the atmosphere of Lady Gaga’s concert.

“Last year in late June to July, we toured 12 cities in the United States and performed 13 times. The reaction was very hot. There were people in the audience who cosplayed our Crayon Pop costume. Some fans even met us directly at the tour bus and gave us delicious kimchi”, said Geummi.

There is nothing more important to learning than experience! Crayon Pop learned a lot of valuable things about the international stage that money can’t buy. They also spent their free time traveling and looking for restaurants and relaxing.

Crayon Pop will be joining hands with producer Shinsadong Tiger for their upcoming album. It will be their return as a whole since 1 year ago.

This coming 20th, the new album’s concept will be first revealed, including the choreography.

“A female warrior concept. Helmet? Our heads will have nothing on them (smile). Up to now, we had a sense of cuteness, but there will be sense of matureness for Crayon Pop”, said Geummi.

Soyul was admitted to Sungshin Women’s University this year. Choa and Way are both in college studying acting and applied music respectively. “Going to school, tight schedules may be tough, but it is something I want to do. It also gives a sense of accomplishment. School is fun too”, was expressed. Choa also will daringly challenge her first musical, “Last Princess”, by taking on a double role.

“My brother serves as a professional soldier in Gangwondo’s military base. Therefore, there is much love when performing the songs. Thanks to the enthusiastic support from the soldier-oppas, we received a lot of energy. With ‘Visiting Train”s stage, we can also receive ‘healing’”, says Soyul.

PSY, DJ DOC, Lady Gaga are role models for Crayon Pop, and they will strive to work hard to broaden the market and grow as artists.

For last words, they thanked the soldiers.

“We revealed ‘Bar Bar Bar’ for the first time to the military. The moment all the Oppas started ‘jumping jumping’ with us is unforgettable. To show us love when we were unknowns. I will always remember in my heart and will visit often. Please watch the cold and keep fighting for our country. Fighting!!!”, said Way.

Source: K-Force