Bumkey clears Crayon Pop’s dressing controversy

There have been a couple of articles that had netizens wondering why Crayon Pop wore white at Bumkey’s wedding. However, Bumkey responded with a tweet clarifying this issue.

Oh and, I saw Crayon Pop’s article. I specifically asked them to stand infront for the shoot ㅠㅠㅠ I feel that the controversy arose needlessly because of me, so I hope you can be understanding. They were so busy that they came right after their schedule~ Please don’t misunderstand 🙂

그리고 크레용팝 동생들 기사를 봤는데 제가 일부러 그친구들 앞에 세우고 같이 사진찍자고 했는데 ㅠㅠㅠ 괜히 저 축하해주러 왔다가 논란이 된거 같아 이 점도 너그러이 이해해주십시하고 글올립니다. 바쁜친구들이라 스케쥴하고 바로왔거든요~ 오해마세요 🙂

It is unfortunate that such a non-issue was raised by netizens that it had to involve the newly wed to clear the controversy himself.

Source: Twitter