Awesome Crayon Pop Fan Content by YOU!

There is a ton of Awesome Content put out by very talented Crayon Pop fans and they deserve some recognition!  So much hard work and dedication goes into these and hopefully more will continue to come to spread the Crayon Pop Love!!!

Today let’s show some love for Hansba K-Pop Remixes and Acapellas!  Check out the Bar Bar Bar remix and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel!

  • Kid-Simple

    It looks like how a person from the 1920s would imagine the future is like. ^_^

    • CP Ranger

      And in that future Crayon Pop has taken over the world with electronic music and jumping!

  • apieth

    Let’s go to the club

  • cp_whaiting

    Wow!! this remix is so awesome!!

    • hansba

      Hi! And thank you guys you like my remix/videoediting that much. Check also my latest CP remix OK 😀 You like my videos ? check Cestlavie73 account from Youtube! 😀 Thank you Donnie G for publishing my remix video here 🙂

  • hmm.. when i think about it, sometimes i think maybe I’m NOT just a fan of CP but also a fan of CP’s fans, if u know what i mean! without fan-cams, fan-chants, fan-vids & of course fan-subs & CP.ME fan-site, I wont even know what is CP! This community seem more civil/friendly & helpful in answering questions, at least online anyway (biased comment lol) As a total newbie, its very very hard to ‘follow’ a group especially if u r not that young anymore, dont know K-pop terminology, history etc, plus language barrier, but the fans make it easier.
    Here is sharing the vid that introduced me to CP! (by channel WaylanderPop)

    • Everything from Crayon Pop Me Subs to was created to enable a new fan to get up to speed as soon as possible. You fell into the rabbit hole trap we ensnared =)

  • Lord Romulus

    Very cool! Indeed the Crayon Pop girls’ dance matching a lot with electronic music.
    Watch this:

    █ Crayon Pop – Trance Nights (by Lord Romulus)

  • crayonfan

    A fanvid made by a Korean fan. Shame it only has 600 views:

  • crayonfan

    Another fantastic fanvid by a Korean fan. Only has 400 views. If you want to share/introduce CPTV to a non-crayonpop fan but he/she doesn’t have the time, this little video captures the spirit of CPTV, the personalities of Crayon Pop members, in just 3 minutes:

  • crayonfan

    The best ChoA fanvid I’ve seen. Only has 400 views:

  • Who can miss out on one of the best healing videos of all time?

    • apieth

      This is the best healing (≧∇≦)kyaaa

  • apieth

    This one is my fave
    I feel like want to cry everytime i recall all of those moments