5 Lucky fans share a dinner date with Crayon Pop

5 lucky Korean fans won an event organized by WEGEN and obtained free dinner tickets with Crayon Pop. According to a fan, the food disappeared really quickly, to no surprise. Also, it was apparently mentioned that both Way and Choa still go to university by commuting by buses and subway (earlier in the day), and went to school even during ‘Bar Bar Bar’ promotions, but few people recognized them.

A Soyul fan account

Soyul: Hello~ everyone, This is Soyul of Crayon Pop.^^
Soyul: Aren’t you the one who always writes me a letter?
Fan: Oh! Noona you remember^^

Soyul also mentioned that she was going to the US and will be missing the (Korean) fans, and told him to never ‘leave’ her. If he did, he is not a fan.

Fan: Do you want some of my tomatoes?
Soyul: Sure! Why aren’t you having any?
Fan: I’m just happy watching you eat…
Soyul: Uwek ㅡㅡ you’re too much… (she actually literally says he gives goosebumps but that’s not exactly what she means)

Geummi left earlier after the dinner (as the rest of the fans were taking selcas with their bias) since there were no Geummi fans at the event, according to the fan.

Also, check out a short clip of Ellin’s greeting to Eldorado (her fanclub) at the dinner date.

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