• VaughnyWay

    Are they a recording label? Just like Pony Canyon?

  • ezeqiel

    no soyul again!? what happen to soyul!?

  • ezeqiel

    btw our twins looks more mature now..^^

    • dayana barradas

      you right XD

  • Brandon Lim

    Way has a new hairstyle. It’s on her so I will dig it.

  • bobgirlsfan

    Why is maknae Soyul always missing? Exams?

  • Natic Aliev

    is it just me or did crayon pop lost weight… I kinda hope they get back to pigging out this winter. get back those squishy cheeks.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Yeah, look how sharp Way’s chin looks here. Compare her face to the episode of CP TV where they make rice bowls at the pottery shop, and she looks like a completely different person. But this has been going on for a while, she lost her hamster cheeks a long time ago.

      • numetal_militia


      • Natic Aliev

        I miss those hamster cheeks.

  • ezeqiel

    patiently waiting for way’s BNT…^^

  • Ian

    The twins similar hairstyle is suspicious… More Strawberry Milk perhaps? 🙂