2014 Chrome Family – A very Special Christmas single, ‘Love Christmas’ Announced

Update: It has been revealed that it will be a Chrome Family digital single called ‘Love Christmas’ to be released on December 3rd.

The TopStarNews article has revealed the following:

Releasing digital single album ‘Love Christmas’ on December 3rd. ‘Love Christmas’ is a song about love memories couples make in winter. The intro is a re-interpretion of James Pierpoint’s well-known ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’ consisting of bells, strings, brass, guitar, and a full session sound. The staff revealed that “The parts are divided by many singers but their personalities are well expressed in the song” and “The carol will have Chrome Entertainment’s unique touch, it will be a gift that will bring happiness and love in this winter.”

On Twitter, Facebook, and on CEO Hwang’s Instagram, a teaser image was released. It looks like a Christmas album or Chrome family concert (in Korea?) is in the works for December! What do you think it could be?


Source: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Topstarnews

  • ApR

    I hope it’s an album

    • CP Ranger

      A Chrome Family Christmas Album!

      • aknite

        bap gurrs are going to bring rice

        • CP Ranger

          LOL! Took me a second to get that. Geez aknite, making fun of their pronunciation 😀 but, yes, ‘Bap Gurrs’ will bring the ‘rice’.

          • ‘Rice’?

          • aknite


          • still lost on how Bap Gurrs’ will bring the ‘rice’ lol

          • CP Ranger

            밥 = Bap (romanization) = Rice (translation)
            As in bibimbap or bokumbap or… I’m hungry now 🙂

          • aknite
          • Lol I get the translation… I guess I was just thinking there was more to that pun than meets the eye lol.

          • Taylor Simon

            ㅂ= b or p
            밥 = bap or if you think about it, bob as Bob Girls.

          • lol yes yes, I read and write hangul. I was just expecting more to the pun lol

  • NeonMoon

    Just awesome!!!! Way to go Chrome..one big happy family…for listening to your fans…ending the year with a joyous festive Bang!!! …and Xmas jingles always sell..

  • PopjusshiG

    Hey I was right.

  • Guest

    Cuteness overload! ♥