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I have no thoughts at all

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  • h4iumb1

    Gratz to Crayon Pop for winning another award! And thumbs up for El-Pro giving the thank you speech 🙂

  • Amo

    Yaay!! Congratulations!! Fantastic news 🙂 So proud of our girls.

  • CP Hwaiting

    Also I think crayonpop.me should be given the CRAYONPOP Award for spreading CP videos around the world.

  • apieth

    Ellin finally got a chance to speak kekeke
    Congratulations my girls~
    You guys deserve this award

  • whynot747100

    To those few haters who think they need to change, this is why I love and will always support Crayon Pop. Music was always secondary to image and what company you came from in Korea. Look at SM, everything that comes from them goes top of the charts and wins music shows every week no matter how strong or weak the song is(because of the silly voting system that gets flooded by SM stans). Nothing to do with the music, all about money and image and company stamp. Meanwhile you have amazing groups like Spica, Sunny Hill, Melody Day etc that have to work hard for attention because they don’t have the SM or YG stamp associated with their name. Exid and Stellar made it big when their company’s promoted them as sex objects more then singers, both groups are very talented, but fanboys only want to see them short shorts or thongs and their music is not as important as their sexy image. I love Crayon Pop, their work ethic, their loyalty to their fans and the fact Chairman Hwang treats them like human beings and not merchandise, Thats why they are always so happy just to perform whether it is for 10 people or 10000…and thats why their fan are loyal to them, they understand fame is a short ride and they are enjoying every single moment of it and not selling their bodies to appease the generic kpop fanboys…..Crayon Pop fighting.

    • Uncle Fan


    • h4iumb1

      so true!!

  • Noor Ahmed


  • Brandon Lim


  • robertrickett

    I love that they finally got a hallyu award. I would know nothing about Korean culture if not for Crayon Pop and if my exposure had been through one of the more erotic girl groups, I would have a misconception. Crayon Pop embodies the hallyu spirit and they are True Hallyu Stars.

  • ezekiel

    our new rapper…^^

  • CP Ranger

    menboong + L9 = “I have no thoughts at all”

  • apieth

    Blank ElGu