180625 Song Boram (Geummi)’s Message On Geumlidang Fancafe Translated

Geummi left a message on her fan cafe titled “To my thankful fans”

Hello ~~
Greeting after a long time ^^
Fans who gave me their precious time yesterday 어제 귀한 시간 내서 와주신 팬분들
Thank you (Bow)
It was the weekend and the day was very hot but fans came on foot, and their faces shined after a long time, and thank you so much for your time. I enjoyed seeing your faces and listening to your updates. ♥︎.♥︎
I saw you all after a really long time but it miraculously felt like we met yesterday
It was comfortable and nice ~ I even heard yesterday was like a family-type feeling ( Only I am like that ..^^;)
Anyway, my birthday passed, but all the people who wished me a happy birthday,
thank you, truly. As expected, my fans are the best. 👍👍
Whatever the role, I will greet fans quickly.
Thank you and I love you  💕💋😍😝
(Should I do a mosaic treatment on the photos? I will delete in case of problems)

Source: Geumlidang Fan Cafe