180603 Way’s Message On Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Way left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “Is Everyone Doing Well?”. It seems Way is not feeling happy, so Japanese fan Shimo is doing a project. Please send a video with a encouraging message to Way to yasshi503@yahoo.co.jp. It can be a simple message saying “Way hwaiting”.

Everyone are you well?

I came here to give you a message ^^.

Around winter time, I let you know I had entered another company.

The contract I signed there has unexpectedly been cancelled.

I didn’t want to end up writing this, but I thought I should let you know as soon as possible because many people are curious about what’s going on with me lately and also people are still sending gifts to that company’s address.

After the Crayon Pop contract ended and after much consideration, I signed a contract with another company and although I told you that I wanted to show you my hard work and many pieces of work and even though I put in a lot of hard work and effort, it didn’t work out like I wanted.

Although I went through this progress up until my contract was cancelled,

rather than blaming it, I think of this as a turning point and while I’ve learned things that I wanted to learn I also learned many things I didn’t intend to as well.

So naturally, I ended up spending more days with personal time. In that time, a few people have been digging into my personal life and have been judging me, speculating and contacting me personally so it has been difficult with this invasion of privacy and it has put a silent pressure on me.

The more that it happened, the more I ended up contemplating about my own life and how time seems to have passed by like this.

It wasn’t wrong, illegal or immoral however I want to get rid of this logic that has become an invisible constraint and restriction on me and is silencing taking advantage of me. I will truly and sincerely try to find ways to repay and be in closer contact with the people that give me love.

Life is a gift which is only given once and in mine it seems like a pressure has been following me, a pressure that I’m always needing to fight. I think I naturally became brainwashed to these things too.

But now I’ve taken a step backwards, I see life more positively and wide, and even if I live for 1min, 1 second, it’s not some kind of constraint. I will try to show my honest life while making the right choices, together with a wisdom that can tell me what the important things are to me. Really, it’s become my life’s principal, it’s become a freedom of truth, and bright aspect of me.

Thanks to everyone, I achieved my dream of being a singer and I made many memories and experienced so much.

But it doesn’t end here, I want to dream of a bigger happiness.

I’m excited and very much looking forward to the future.

Rather than seeing my words negatively or worrying too much because of them, I hope you see them together as positive.

I am always sincerely thankful and grateful for the generous support.

I too will always support everyone and I hope that all of our futures are filled only with hope, passion and happiness.

I will finish here.

Thank you and I love you!

Source: Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe