180525 Choa’s Interview For Herald Economy Translated

This interview was translated by Twitter user, Kar Obsidian.

[Interview] Crayon Pop Choa -> As Actress Min Jin Huh “I want to become a humane actress”

[Herald Economy Star & Culture Team – Reporter Hee-Yoon Kim]

Minjin Huh is now not Crayon Pop’s Choa but the more natural musical actress. In the returning musical and 21st production of ‘Laundry’, she is transformed into ‘Seo Na Young’ which shows off a special synchronization with her. It’s feeling of wearing perfectly fitting clothes, to think the lines between acting and the role have begun to fall apart.

▲ I was curious about her thoughts about being in the 21st production of ‘Laundry’.

“When I was preparing for my musical exam in the 3rd year of high school, I got to see ‘Laundry’.  At that time, I didn’t entirely know much about it and after seeing it, it’s so deeply impressive, isn’t it?  It was the one piece of work that gave me the dream that I must become an actress but actually, this time because I’ve unexpecting ended up participating in it, as you would expect it’s given me new feels, right? More than anything, it’s given me happiness.  In my childhood, it was the actor Jung Pyo Park in the role of ‘Solong Go’ I remember. Now I’m on stage acting together with that role, so it’s a feeling of amazement and also I think a great honour.”

▲ If you were curious about what kind of piece of work Laundry is. Were there any appeals of ‘Laundry’ she could point out?

“‘Laundry’ is different than other pieces of work, rather than showing a big incident or sensational elements, it’s just showing our average lives. Like looking at a mirror, wouldn’t you say?  There is something which targets each member of the audience. There’s something which you can see after looking back on your own life through the age range of characters you can sympathise with, wouldn’t you agree? It’s a normal and common story of our era but it comes off more special to us because of it.”

▲ ‘Seo Na Young’ is the central role of the musical. Was it a good fit for her?

“‘Seo Na Young” is a character and this character is very abundant in this era now. I could put myself into this life of an average woman which ‘Seo Na Young’ is having, wouldn’t you agree? Until just before I debuted as a singer, I had a normal social life for about 2-3 years.  While acting the role of  ‘Seo Na Young’, I thought a lot about those days and it gave me a reason to reflect back on myself, wouldn’t you agree it would? Thanks to those days, it wasn’t difficult to express the role.”

▲ She took on a role of a fresh, small but sturdy character. What parts did she focus on in the performances she was facing?

“Rather than singing, I’ve gained a lot of hungry for acting. In the past, when I was taking in the musical numbers. If I kept to all of the parts I was happy. Now a lot of things have changed. I’ve become to feel more joy when I sincerely express the different kinds of emotion. In ‘Laundry’ too, the strong acting elements are emotional points and if I’ve taken these in and I’m feeling them, on stage I sincerely will feel like I’m living them, wouldn’t you agree? When this happens, I feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.”

▲  Does she want to receive some kind of evaluation through this piece of the work?

“As much as possible, I hope that many people receive comfort and are inspired by this piece of work. Even if it’s in a small way, I’m thankful. I want the audience to see ‘Seo Na Young’ rather than Minjin Huh as well. Rather than the evaluation aspect of acting, I am happier if people are truly inspired by the life of ‘Seo Na Young’, wouldn’t you agree?”

▲ She shows great hunger about acting

“It lies in the challenge so it’s good to also to be able to do it well but I want to try something new, a new character. I want to grow and learn while doing new things, wouldn’t you agree? I want to do a variety of different pieces of work. Above all, pieces of work that can show me more acting.”

▲ What are her acting dreams?

“Of course, technically it would be good for me to become an exceptional actress but more than anything, I want to become a humane actress. I want to be an actress who puts the heart first and moves always with love. On and off stage, an actress who uses her heart no matter what kind of thing it is and to treat every moment sincerely.  On stage especially, I want to reveal such things, right? In the meanwhile, I want to repay the love I’ve received through the characters I play.”

Source: Herald Economy