180413 Song Boram (Geummi)’s Instagram Translated

(사진=그린 하트 바자회 포스터)

The 10th SES Green Heart Bazaar this year makes it the 10th year. 👏🙏🏻💕
I have been looking for to participating with SES-Sunbaenims who have been steadily carrying out happiness and sharing with people, through the bazaar.
Since I raise a dog, I have a lot of interest in animals and what aid can I give??
I was only thinking but my thankful heart being together with others, on good days like this, is big.
Through this bazaar, children and animals who are alienated are handed a warm helping hand and everyone also must come and take time to share you hearts. 🤗💜 #SES #GreenHeartBazaar #GreenUmbrellaChildren’sFoundation #AnimalProtectionGroupKara #Sharing #Love #Happiness

Source: Instagram