180402 Choa’s Message On Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Choa left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “Greetings after a long time”

Everyone! Hello!
How are you~?
It seems like I am greeting you all after a really long time.
I is exceptionally cold and after a long Winter
In no time, Spring came with Cherry Blossoms in full bloom!
Some of you may have seen it in an article first, but
I came to tell it to everyone, directly!
In the meantime, I have found a new nest for myself.
It seems in the future, I will meet you all as an artist under Parkwith Entertainment!
I met some people who are like family who will care for me and support me so that I could show my talents and spread them out! We will get out and try to make my activities more diverse and active
Please stay tuned, and if you could please cheer for me, I will be thankful. ^^
While doing Crayon Pop Choa activities, I received overflowing love and attention, and I made unchangeable precious memories with everyone. It is not enough to repay for that gratitude, but I, Huh Min Jin, will do it, step-by-step, one step at a time!
I, these days, have been practicing in full swing for the Musical “Laundry”.
It’s a piece that tells a story about socially weak people.
When I was 19, it was a piece that I received comfort from, laughed to, and cried to, while I was preparing for the musical entrance exam, and
10 years later, I joined this piece.
Relaxation is different and excitement is practicing with my heart.
I hope that you will come to the theater and sympathize with it and get comforted.!
Be careful of Yellow Dust and temperature changes and
Nevertheless, we will enjoy the clear Spring day!
Thank you. I love you. ♥︎

Source: Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe