180318 Song Boram (Geummi)’s Interview With Daily Today Translated

[Daily People Star] Song Boram, ‘I think a life where you enjoy emotions is a healthy life’

People are afraid of ‘Start’ and ‘Challenge’ is difficult. However, for Song Boram, ‘Challenge’ is enjoyable and ‘Start’ is the ‘driving force’ for the days ahead. Last year, she gave strong impressions on KBS 1TV daily drama ‘Lovers In Bloom’, as ‘Seungah’, who was mean but with a sad story. This year, 5 years since debut, the leader of Crayon Pop who created the ‘Popjusshi’ craze through Bba Bba Bba, now stands before the public as an actress.

Do not neglect to practice on your own to fill in what is lacking. 

Q1) It was pleasant to see your face in dramas, what have you been doing these days?

A) I am steadily taking acting lessons. While filming ‘Lovers In Bloom’, it seemed that I needed to improve my acting skills, so I am studying hard. I’m still learning and in speech, I do not want any short points. I thought that I should clean it up and polish it more. Also, I enjoy reading with others. I read books of many genres. I analyze the scenario in the novel and interpret the feelings of the characters in the story.

The new footsteps as ‘Actress Song Boram’, I will go slowly one step at a time.

Q2) I am curious about what you thought walking the road of an actress

A) While doing group activities, I had several occasions to appear on web dramas. A scene at that time, every time you shoot a scene, I wondered where the charm came with ‘dance’ and ‘singing’ and also, in ‘acting’. That curiosity lead to a sense of challenge, gradually there was a passion in ‘actress’ days. Based on that passion, it’s late now, but I’m trying to go step-by-step, one step at a time.

Q3) When you sang on stage and when you acted on a TV drama, is there a difference in the two fields?

A) As a singer, I steadily practiced singing with the members and made a masterpiece while communicating with fans at the performance on the stage. However, practicing is also important in acting drama, but while filming, one needs the ability to follow with unexpected situations and orders, be fast in urgent situations, and to improvize lively. Still, before entering filming, one should be very prepared to do other things, besides acting.

Q4) Seeing through KBS 1tv daily drama ‘Lovers In Bloom’ would have been a great opportunity to greet many viewers, is there a most memorable episode, while filming the daily drama?

A) In the middle of the drama, while Seungah is talking to her family, I had to act an emotional scene that forced viewers to draw empathy like ‘there was such a story?’. At that time, the more I thought about emotional acting, the more difficult acting was. When “Cut” voice came and camera angles changed, only then, the tears bursted out. I was very embarrassed and also, I regret I could not get greedy. Then, the filming staff encouraged me and comforted me saying “There are no people who do well, at first, rather than through away a lot of greed, keep it and continue to the future, take the opportunity to go more forward to make a stepping stone”. I was greatly thankful for their words. Outside of that episode, (the most memorable moment was) the ahjummas finding out who I was? Ha Ha. At restaurants, public baths, etc…, they asked with pleasure, “Miss, did you show up in this drama?’

Q5) Which acting genre do you want to challenge in the future?

A) I want to try and digest in the action genre. I like trendy dramas too and I want to challenge sitcoms too. I want to try to digest in a role that is fuzzy, while also open-minded, while also strong in life.

‘My health is my optimistic personality, I like to enjoy emotions as they are.’

Q6) 5 years since debut, in a job that is visible to the public, you cannot help but care a lot about management, how do you manage beauty care and fitness?

A) Originally optimistic and I do not have a sensitive side, I have always taken a positive attitude while working. However, I have indeed received stress. While stress one cannot sees accumulates, abdominal pain and physical health have shown abnormal symptoms. Every time I was tired, I moved my body with exercise. Exercise seemed to be a good relief to stress and slump. I also worked hard on my strength, and I was exposed to various exercises such as flying yoga and pilates. As I progressed in my workout, I was able to manage my physical strength as well as my body naturally.

Q7) As an actor, as a person, What do you think is the biggest attraction to the character that is Song Boram?

A) I think I am comfortable. My big advantage is that to people, I am natural and comfortable to approach intimately.

Q8) What kind of like is a ‘healthy life’ when you think of ‘Song Boram’?

A) Living with a healthy heart is everything. If suffering while living is one’s emotions bending, it will collapse at the curve, so rather than depress, ride the flow of the bend, and step by step, I think the life will be a healthy life. The cause that is difficult to me is to figure out what it the cause is and to solve that cause, to own my effort and a healthy life, but it seems to be a good way.

Source: Daily Today