180312 Song Boram (Geummi)’s Instagram Translated

Koshoot . Female . Spayed🙅🏻‍♀️
Estimated 5-6 months
At the end of February, an abandoned cat was discovered in my cousin’s shop’s parking lot
It has a lot of charm and if you do not touch her, she will touch you and rub against you, and also, she’s a dog-like cat that has a friendly character with people who like to play. 💕
Unnie’s family’s dog is going to have babies soon so they can’t take her, and she’s temporarily housed in the warehouse. We are waiting for a good owner to appear soon. 🙏🏻💙😭
If interested, please contact @silverpoodle_ato
#AdoptAbandonedCats #StreetCat #GiveAway #DoNotBuyPleaseAdopt #Positive #FosterChildGiveAway #Koshoot

Source: Instagram