180214 Ellin For BNT International

On February 14th, 2018, BNT International released a photoshoot and interview with Ellin. You can see the photos and a translation of the interview below. Translations are by Kar Obsidian.

[Interview] Ellin “Even in another life, It would be Crayon Pop”

[Journalist Hyojin Kim]

The clothes which increasingly make me shine must fit me. To find a way for the things I like and enjoy to make my life dazzle more and more. I was here at this BNT photoshoot with Ellin who has reached her 6th year of wearing the Crayon Pop name.

Progressing through this photoshoot’s 3 concepts, Ellin took off her helmet and radiated with her own bright and lively charm. It wasn’t just cuteness, she had a look of chic and also femininity, Ellin’s good looks which were hidden inside a helmet and tracksuit, radiated brightly.

Crayon Pop a group that presented the music world with a refreshing jolt with Bar Bar Bar. With members who now act, one even became a mother. But their dreams are still singular with ‘still as ever Crayon Pop’. Ellin’s dreams are no exception.

Q: What are you up to now?

I have a lot of personal time. Usually, I’m learning things I’ve wanted to do, taking trips all the while I’ve been thinking a lot about the future.

Q: How are spending your off time?

Recently I acquired a barista license. Although it’s only the basics, I can do latte art. In addition, I also got a beauty treatment certificate and I will also start taking English private lessons.

At home, I’m mostly gaming. Starcraft, League of Legends and shooters I like. Once I start playing, I don’t know when to stop.

Q: What were your motives for debuting?

In my childhood dreams, I vaguely remember dreaming of becoming a celebrity. Starting from when I was in middle school I found the appeal of black music and started dance and to take interest in music, then I enrolled in a dance academy to seriously begin to learn to dance.

One day I was practising hard at dancing as usual and then I heard about a placement for an auction. I passed the auction and so ended up joining and meeting the rest of the Crayon Pop members.

Q: What about when you got the name Crayon Pop?

At first, I didn’t like it. The rest of members thought the same. “We aren’t children, why is it Crayon?”, I thought we couldn’t make it with such a name.

Q: What about the name Ellin?

It’s the name of a game character’s race. As a game fanatic, I was the first to propose the name. Although there was opposition to the name, it went ahead and It was agreed I was called Ellin.

Q: What kind of image did you want?

In the early stages, I wanted a pretty image. To wear a skirt too, a typical girl group. At that time I was envious of APink who liked to wear skirts and the school look. If you were to compare with today’s girl groups, I would have wanted the same image as Gfriend.

Q: Any rivals?

I think the group had no musical rivals. I think since we had our different concepts, we were the only one with that particular musical flavour.

Q: How do you get on with the other Crayon Pop members?

Each of us are busy so I can’t see them very often but we are in contact whenever there’s a chance. We talk a lot about Soyul’s wedding and child.

Q: What do you do if you do meet the other members?

We don’t like to drink, we mainly drink coffee and find and dine in good restaurants.

Q: Which member are you closest to?

I’m close to them all but from our days as roommates, Unnie Geummi I talk the most with.

Q: Were there any restrictions as an Idol?

My cell phone and midnight eating. For about 2-3 years I couldn’t use my cell phone. After winning 1st place on a music show, I received a cellphone but I couldn’t have any contact with any male Idols either. No flirting. I don’t know if it was my imagination but when I was doing broadcast activities, I exchanged a lot of glances and then in private I could have no contact. (Laughs)

Q: What were the difficult parts of doing Crayon Pop activities?

Before making it, there was great a burden to make it, after the hit ‘Bar Bar Bar’ the most difficult thing was maintaining the popularity.

Also, we received discrimination when we were rookies. Although treatment towards Crayon Pop changed when Bar Bar Bar did well, I received a lot of emotional wounds at that time.

Q: Do you read a lot of comments?

When I get comments, I’ll end up reading them. At first, I was deeply hurt by the comments but in the many good comments, I found great comfort.

Q: Are there any comments you can’t forget?

The comment, “Crayon Pop are just ugly kids” I was most shocked at. All of Crayon Pop are pretty.

Q: What about when you first heard your hint song Bar Bar Bar?

When I first listened, I was surprised. At first, Bar Bar Bar had a strong rock style. After various opinions of the members were taken into account, it’s now the song you hear today.

Q: What about the Bar Bar Bar concept?

We were the ones who suggested the helmet style. We were thinking of a distinct concept when we jokily suggested the helmets. In reality, when we received the helmets we were shocked but it’s what made the Crayon Pop you see now I think.

At first, we received total motorbike helmets. Then we changed to the bowl-shaped helmet then we decorated them prettily with beads and other decorations depending on the situation but we were using such big helmets and wandering around in waiting rooms, in those times, it was rather embarrassing.

It wasn’t just the concept, the choreography and the outfit as a whole etc. All the members worked on the general production as well. While dreaming of the female DJ DOC, the tracksuits were chosen. Our Maknae (youngest) Soyul was most worried about the concept but with the addition of the skirt to re-purpose the tracksuits in a feminine way, everyone was satisfied.

Q: With Maknae Soyul’s Wedding, what are your thoughts on marriage?

After doing only cute concept activities I’ve realised that I can’t even feel my own age but as my surrounding friends are now starting to get married, I’ve found that I have been feeling a little pressured to get married. However at the time when I’ve done everything, then I will get married.

Q: Thoughts about Soyul and Heejoon Moon?

In truth among us members, we knew about their relationship before it was revealed the public. As for knowing about them getting married, I didn’t even dream of it.
I first met Heejoon Moon at a concert and he seemed to be taking good care of her and I was relieved.

Q: What are your thoughts about having a relationship?

I really do want to be in one, but if I’m in one, I’m the type to be totally into that person and only that. Like right now I don’t think I can be in one.

Q: What about relationships in general?

I’ve not had many but when I wasn’t doing activities, I did have the occasional one. I’ve never had one with someone younger than me. Same age as me is good and older than me is the best I think.

Q: How about age gaps?

Up until 12 years is okay. Age isn’t important until that. I’ve got older now, I think as everyone gets older when they meet people, age isn’t important.

Q: What’s your ideal type?

Someone who has a strong sense of responsibility and is a funny person would be good. As for appearance, someone without double eyelids. Also, I kinda have a lot of aegyo, so a man who does as well would be good.

Q: Are other celebrities okay to date as well?

I think I would feel anxious. If it’s an actor, I would worry about them working so closely with actresses. If it’s a singer I would wonder if they would fall in love with me after seeing other cute girl groups. I think I would have many unnecessary worries like that.

Q: Have you not been asked out?

Unfortunately, I’ve only heard rumours and I’ve not being asked out in person much.

Q: What about Idol romantic relationships?

I hear about them through friends. I think they meet naturally at first and that’s how it starts. I’ve never tried to meet another celebrity like that, so I don’t know in detail.

Q: What are your thoughts about the popularity between the Crayon Pop members?

When we remove our helmets, we each have different appeals and charm. If I was to pick out by popularity, I would say we each have our own.

Q: What is each member’s image?

Unnie Geummi is the mother. She takes care of everyone and speaks beautifully as well. She’s a naturally kind angel. The calm, thoughtful Choa is a comfortable same-aged friend. Way is like a sister, actually, it seems I quarrel most with her. Not in a big way but just petty quarrels. But still, even if we fight like a family, we usually freely laugh out loud together. Lastly, Soyul is my cute Maknae Dongsaeng (little sister).

Q: Even in another life, would you still be in a girl group?

Even in another life, it would be Crayon Pop. I have so many happy memories of my Crayon Pop activity days. I want to be able to do such concepts again. The possibility of prettying myself up everyday as well. When meeting friends or going to gatherings I can as well. I don’t want to stop looking pretty after I leave the stage.

Q: Any plans as Minyoung Kim in the future?

I’m in the middle of exercise routines. The more I age, the more I feel my physical stamina limitations. Especially these days, I go out a lot with younger friends so I’m feeling the pressure.

Instead of general broadcast work, I want do work in beauty or personal broadcasts online. I want to make my own YouTube channel to communicate with my fans while also sharing my own beauty tips.

Q: What are your personal activity plans?

Currently, I’m on rest. If I get the chance, I would like to appear on beauty programs. Since I was in High School I attended beauty treatment schools. I’m experienced with make-up, hair, nails etc, all the relevant beauty work.

But still, in my heart, I definitely want to do singing activities. In truth, I want to continue with Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop is what I can do because It’s what makes me the most excited. Although I have many really cute and pretty friends, they’re not the special and unique Idols like Crayon Pop. I really want to make mini Crayon Pops.

One way or another, these days I have many dilemmas and thoughts. Among them, my future is the biggest problem but when I think of my career worries I feel like I returned back to my childhood. Currently, I feel like I’m going through adolescence again.

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