171217 Choa And Way At Hee! Designer’s Market

On Dec. 17th, Choa and Way, once again, participated in Hee! Designer’s Market, as previously mentioned by Choa on Instagram.Β During the market, the twins sold old clothes, including Strawberry Milk outfits, and signed Christmas For You CDs. Way, on Instagram, has stated that the CD will not be going on sale. You can see fantaken photos from the event, below.

Source: Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3, Instagram 4, Instagram 5, Instagram 6, Twitter 1, Twitter 2

  • Gerbils Would Be Proud

    I thought for a minute that Choa was selling this denim jacket:


    but the jacket above has snaps, while the one Choa is wearing has buttons.

  • Jason Park

    I am now SO disappointed.

    1. I couldn’t get to Korea in time. πŸ™
    2. I now find I could possibly have bought a genuine Strawberry Milk outfit? !!!
    3. I now find out that their Christmas CD will NOT be available as a physical CD other than those signedby the girls on Sunday.


    I am so sad right now.

    • Big Dee

      I’m disappointed too after seeing the photo’s but I’m being patient and waiting to go when I can see all four of them at the same time. Otherwise it just dosn’t make sense to me because I’m thousands of miles away. Fingers crossed for one more comeback.

      • Jason Park

        I’m thousands of miles away too.
        In the UK. I took the Winter Party as their last likely group fan meeting as Crayon Pop.
        That was why I went all out to go to that!

        This. I might have been able to get to with more time and planning.
        But had I known that the CD was not available and that they were selling Strawberry milk outfits..
        I’d have tried harder to get there.


        • CrayonPop DDC

          Hopefully it won’t be their last I am sure they intend to comeback one day but they are still all working hard on their own dreams for now.
          I am still looking forward to a comeback.

          I also wish I could be a more active supporter & travel too would be awesome to meet them, Im pleased you got the chance to meet them πŸ™‚