171216 Choa And Way Release Christmas Carol “Christmas For You”

On Dec. 16th, Choa and Way released their Christmas carol, Christmas For You. The twins are using their real names for the song most likely because the song is not through Chrome Ent.. In South Korea, entertainment agencies have copyright over a group’s name and the member’s stage names. if you have a Melon account, you can listen here. You can purchase the song on iTunes here.

In the Melon description bar for the song, the twins each left a message.

Choa’s message:

Even if 2017 was eventful, it will go. To me, also, it was a year with a lot of changes. And without failure, it was a year my fans were standing beside me. Thank you so much for welcoming me to a not cold Winter. I recorded with a restless heart thinking about fans. I will return the warmth with more warmth and more heat! We will have a cozy Winter together. Finish the year well and we will have a happier year, next year! Merry Christmas~!

Way’s message:

Are you all in good health, this cold Winter? I wanted to greet everyone listing to this Winter carol song! By the way, I’m so happy you can listen to us like this. Thank you to Composer Eun Jong Tae for giving us a good song, and thank you to our fans who always never forget about us over everything. I want to say that I love you all! I recorded the lyrics and melody thinking about everyone in my heart one by one . I hope this song will be a meaningful Christmas present to fans. Listen together with your restless heart! Have a happy Christmas with “Christmas for you”.

CLEF CREW, the company responsible for producing Christmas For You has uploaded the song on their Youtube channel. CLEF CREW is also responsible for the twins’ song, I Hate You.


  • Big Dee

    I think they are acknowledging that 2017 was disappointing for Sketchbooks. Between Soyul leaving and no comeback, 2017 can’t be over quick enough for me.

    More holiday photos of the girls would make me feel better. Here’s Way from last year. I hope they take some new pics this year.


    • Jason Park

      Sexy way!

  • Jason Park

    I agree.

    In real terms I’ve not been a sketchbook for very long. Only since about July 2016 I think.
    So after all that happened at the end of 2016. I took the Winter Party as my last chance to meet the girls.

    I hope I am wrong.

    On a positive note.
    I wish the Twins every success with their song.
    I am hoping to get my hands on a physical copy of the CD.

    • apieth

      Go to flea market tomorro. There are limited CDs waiting for those who came

      • Jason Park

        I would if I could.

        I did look at coming to Korea to meet the girls. But my son’s passport has expired so I’d have to leave him behind and I couldn’t get a cheap flight in time anyway.


  • apieth

    I recorded the lyrics and melody thinking about everyone in my heart one by one . I hope this song will be a meaningful Christmas present to fans.

    I knew it. This is why the song is so good

    • Jason Park

      I’ve not heard it yet.

      Hopefully it will pop up on YouTube or maybe ITunes or something.

      • Lauren

        Check YouTube now “Choa Way Christmas For You”–then buy it on iTunes whenever it’s released there πŸ™‚

  • aaaaa


    This article initially wrote this song is the first single from the twins since Strawberry Milk’s ‘Ok’
    and I posted a comment saying last year they did release ‘I hate you’ and ‘Always’.
    they didn’t approve my comment but they have deleted the incorrect information