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  • Raphanus Sativus

    omo! This pic should come with a warning not to be eating anything when you see it. I think I inhaled something into my lung! ~~

  • Nacho Bidnith

    Do I love her because she’s beautiful and talented, or do I think she’s beautiful and talented because I love her? I can’t remember which caused the other.

  • David Ruiz

    Es tan linda!

  • Jason Park


    I always thought Geummi was my favorite member of Crayon Pop.
    And to a degree she always will be.
    But I was blown away by Choa and Way when I met them.
    Had Choa been wearing a dress like this, I’d had to have been carried away!

    • MisterGotChange

      I am jealous of you Jason…so jealous! I wanted to go to Crayon Pop’s winter party so bad. It was gonna be a lot of money but I wanted so much to meet the girls and see Choa in her play. I would have loved to meet all of them but especially the twins.
      I’m from the U.S. and I remember seeing your posts back then with the party. I’m not sure if I remember correctly but aren’t you the guy who Choa put her charms on telling you that you had strong arms? If so I’m even more jealous of you…so lucky!
      Anyways when I saw pics of the party, how pretty they looked and all the personal time with the fans, I’m still crushed πŸ™ . I only hope by some rare chance they have another winter party.
      I could have tried to meet them when they came here with Lady Gaga (I was at their show) but I didn’t know who they were at the time. I still can’t believe they were right there but I didn’t know who they were…
      The closest thing I have had to meeting them was when Way read my message during Mwave meet and greet and said hi to me…
      By the way I had wanted to ask you how long did the party last for?

      • Jason Park


        Yes. I was at the Winter Party.
        And yes. It was silly expensive. πŸ™
        As in really silly expensive. πŸ™

        I made a holiday of it to Thailand at the same time. But I recon the Cost of ‘Just’ seeing Crayon Pop would have been around Β£1200 + what I spent in the shops ( mostly CD’s ) – Price Adjusted to a single flight Uk to Korea and back.

        That was for just FOUR DAYS!!

        Had it been cheaper, there would have been more guests. So the experience would not have been the same. I counted 28 of us.
        May have been one more or less.

        That wasn’t me with the strong arms. That was the Canadian chap. I didn’t get to chat to him.

        But Choa and Way really are lovely.
        They arranged a signed personalised Polaroid photo for my son who is a huge Choa fan.
        Personal signings were not allowed at the event sadly otherwise I’d have done it there.

        Geummi said to Choa that I was cute. I know she was playing with my affections. ( it was obvious who my favourite member was! Lol ) but I take that on its face value. Lol.

        Ellin wins the prize for best hugs though. She gave out proper hugs.
        Not a weak hug. I am so jealous of her boyfriend. .
        She is very funny too.
        I just wish my Korean was better.

        Another party?
        I did ask if they do it again.
        Please make it a Summer party.
        It was -12degrees when I arrived in Seoul and did try to snow on the Sunday of the party itself.
        Would I go to another one?
        I’d truly love to.
        Not sure I could afford it. πŸ™
        But they girls really were amazing.
        I took it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

        How long did it last?
        Started at 3pm if I recall correctly.
        Finished around 6pm I think.
        Might have been a little later.
        Either way it was too short.

        If I win the lottery….
        I’m going back for a one to one meet with the girls.
        Would be money well spent!

        • MisterGotChange

          Hey thanks for the details.

          When you said Ellin gave a proper hug…do you mean the others just politely hugged lightly? You said your jealous of Ellin’s boyfriend….but she doesn’t currently have one right?

          Do the girls look as nice in person as they do in their online pictures?

          By the way what did they say when you asked them if they would do another party?

          As far as the autographs, are you saying they didn’t signed them in front of you, just sent you something afterwards?

          Last, I know this might sound funny, but I was just wondering if the girls had perfume on or not? Thanks…

          • Big Dee

            Bring them a few pounds of fancy coffee and a coffee maker. They seem to like a cup of joe. At least you know they’ll drink it and like it.

          • Jason Park


            I do the other girls a disservice saying that Ellin gave the best hugs.
            She did!
            But the other girls gave goid hugs too. Just not as memorable as the one I got off of Ellin.

            I don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not.
            I only assume she does.
            She’s gorgeous!!

            Do they look as good in real life as on TV and pictures?
            Oh yes!
            Best thing for me was to see them as ‘human’.
            Things that might nirmally get cut or airbrushed out were there to see.
            But they all really are gorgeous.

            In all honesty. I never really looked hard at Choa and Way before I met them. But WOW!!
            VERY BEAUTIFUL ladies.
            All of them!

            They signed an A4 picture as part of the party ‘kit’ but nithing else.
            I wrote to Choa and Way afterwards.
            They were kind enough to send a picture for my son.

            Yes. Most did.
            I thought about it. But considering how many they must get over the years I didn’t.
            Surely they can’t keep them.
            I wrote each a letter instead.

            Yes. They all smelt lovely!

            Another party?
            I asked in the email I sent.
            They didn’t answer that part.

            But they are busy. So I don’t mind. I was just happy to get a reply at all and to get the photos for my son.


          • MisterGotChange

            Hey thanks for all the info πŸ™‚ … I was wondering when you said you e-mailed them, did you get a direct address to the girls, or is it just Chrome Ent. address?

          • Jason Park

            Direct. Found via Social media.

            Chrome have NEVER acknowledged ANY of my emails. Not sure they know how to use email. >:(