170926 Geummi Signs With Climix Ent. As An Actress; Chrome Ent. Responds

Crayon Pop’s Geummi To Pursue Acting Under The Name, Song Boram

On September 26th, Climix Entertainment released that Crayon Pop’s Geummi has signed under their agency. She will pursue acting as “Song Boram.” Climix Ent. states that Geummi dreamed without knowing her passion for acting.

Chrome Ent. responds to the news by restating what they said back in May that Chrome Ent. is only in charge of Crayon Pop’s group activities. The agency states “Members are in the midst of individual activities since their contracts ended in May. Non-music activities like acting, are conducted by other companies, but there is a discussion of the recording activities related to Crayon Pop. Crayon Pop did not disband.”

Source: MyDaily, Daily Economy

  • ezekiel

    geummi fighting!!^^

  • Gerbils Would Be Proud

    Crayon Pop, which debuted in 2012, climbed to stardom as ‘Papapa’ and took a public eyeball…Crayon Pop is married to Moon Hee-joon and has been withdrawn last year and has been reorganized into a four-member group.

    Sometimes Google Translate works well. This is not one of those times. LOL

  • Nacho Bidnith

    I will never give up hope that someday Crayon Pop will make music together again. In the meantime, my best wishes to Geummi Song Bo Ram, I hope you become a huge star in TV dramas.

  • h4iumb1

    I wish her a lot of success, but why Song Boram, not Baek Boram? πŸ€”

    • My Giwi

      Id’ say “Why not Geummi ?!”
      Boram, at home and for family or Friends, has an artist’s name (Geummi). and another name for the cinema ! I think people will be Lost.
      See Soyul’s case, even she is not a YongPop anymore 😒 (I hope I’ll be wrong), she uses the name Soyul, when she makes commercials with her husband. People knows her as Soyul.

    • Stan Baker

      There is a historic figure, legendary actress, and contemporary actress with this name.

    • My Giwi

      Why not simply Geummi ? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

  • apieth

    With the fame of new rising actress song boram, Crayon Pop’s comeback would be great

  • apieth

    She has kim hee sun’s classy vibe
    I have a good feeling

    • Nacho Bidnith

      How can you not have a good feeling when you’re thinking about any of our Crayon Pop girls?

  • Raphanus Sativus

    Waaaa! Beloved Geummi, acting queen!
    I’ll need to get used to the new name “Song” Boram.

  • Nacho Bidnith

    You can watch Crayon Pop Geummi made appearance in sbs plus drama Wednesday at 3:30PM ep 10 and kbs daily drama Lovers in Bloom ep 1,3,4,17,23-31

    Thanks to apieth for gathering that information.
    p.s. Lovers in bloom is a really god drama.

  • Lauren

    Miss you girls! Love CP4!!!!! Hope to hear music from you. Don’t give up!

  • Paul Nikel
  • derKAHLE

    Best of luck, Noona! You will do great, we believe in you!