170920 Way’s Instagram Translated

Everyone, this week, let’s meet on Friday the 22nd (12 – 8) at DDP Intermittent Water Gate Display ( Hi Seoul Show Room ) 🤗 Feel free to come and play and look around. 🏼

Source: Instagram

  • Nacho Bidnith

    Damn, the girls are gorgeous in that picture. The two at the top, I mean. The other 2 don’t mean anything to me.

    • My Giwi

      I remember Seri Saying ” fighting against Crayon Pop Is our destiny” in Let’s go Dream team , Korean wrestling episode, after losing in the mud, during their previous meeting, in this show. So, Seri and DalShabet is a part of the story of Crayon Pop (idem for Tahiti, Mblaq, N, Zinni,…)

      • h4iumb1

        Over the years the Crayon Pop-girls and the Dal Shabet + Tahiti-members have become friends. One Instagram-pic a few weeks ago showed Way and Serri partying together. Ellin posted a lot of pics with Tahiti-members a while ago. And today @ the Designer market all four went to lunch together.

  • Raphanus Sativus

    I’d be there if I didn’t live 7,109 miles away.

    • Gerbils Would Be Proud

      5,995 miles here. If I hop into my canoe, I should be there in a few months.

      • Nacho Bidnith

        According to Google, I’m closer in Los Angeles at 5,953 miles than either you or Raphanus.

        • Gerbils Would Be Proud

          I’m in LA too, but I was so persnickety that I calculated in the drive to LAX and from Inchon to the venue. :-p

          Well, I’ll be there in spirit, if not body.