170826 Way’s Instagram Translated

Way actually translated her post for us.

I can not believe it! I made it to Seoul League A. 😛 I was thinking I will play 1 on 1 against my sister. But I think I will easily win! KO! Soo…. I’m looking for fans who want to play Fight League, against my sister and I in a tag-team format, twins VS fans. I will randomly draw a lottery and contact one person. The winner can decide their own tag-team parter. What do the twins think is the most important skill to win in our Youtube Fight League videos?
Comment with the answer here on Instagram. [Eligibility]
● If you can play on Monday night, Korea time zone.
● If you can participate as a tag team with your friend. ※ The game will be released on our YouTube TV channel, Twin TV.

Source: Instagram