170805 Choa’s Instagram Translated

For 8 months,
20 cities, 70 performances,
I was happy to live as #LingLing.
I was gifted very precious people and
valuable time by
Musical #Hero
Actors, staff, audience, everyone, thank you. πŸŽ€
So, where am I, next week..?!πŸ’§

Source: Instagram

  • h4iumb1

    Very impressive young lady πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Raphanus Sativus

      Indeed, I was bragging about her to a friend. They didn’t know who I was talking about until I mentioned “helmets”. Then they were so thoroughly impressed and I was so proud.

  • Jason Park

    I so much enjoyed your performance in Hero when I saw you in February in Seoul.
    Even though I didn’t understand the words I followed the story.

    To anyone who has the chance to see the show. I recommend you do if there is still time.

    • Genki

      Hero’s last performance was on August 6th. Choa performed on the 5th (the day she posted this). Lee Jimin, who Choa shared the role of Ling Ling with, performed on the last show.

  • My Giwi

    But your Dream continues with your multiple roles in History of Nerds.