170723 Choa’s Interview With X Sports News Translated

On July 23rd, 2017, Choa had an interview with X Sport News. Below, I have shrunk down the interview and translated what I thought were key parts. The interview was cut into three parts.

The interviewer commented how Choa is playing multiple different roles in History Of Nerds. Choa commented that it’s very fun to do multiple roles within the span of 2 hours. She thought she would have trouble, at first.

Choa says the characters in History Of Nerds are realistic. “They are adults but they’re still a childish part to them. Within Heesun, there are some bad parts. Among the three, she doesn’t have to be bright, but in that brightness, there is a big pain like family affairs. Yeonjung is seemingly tacky, but there is a courage and toughness in her. She did not plan marriage but it happened. Yura reminds me of a charming female character who compromises with reality. ¬†She’s mature.” It was hard to get get her character down, Choa added.

Choa says that it’s difficult to switch outfits quickly and focus on a specific character, but it doesn’t bother me. She says she has learned a lot by changing characters and immersing in the roles. She had a lot of worries concerning the premiere, but she says it was a lot of fun and it felt good.

Choa says that acting in a premiere is amazing. She was doing a role she has never done, so it was fun to develop her own characters. Choa is thankful for the audience, other actors, and directors. Without all of them, they couldn’t have done the musical.

Source: X Sports News

In this part of the interview, Choa mentions how the name “Crayon Pop’s Choa” is familiar to people, but the name “Actress Huh Min Jin” is becoming known to the public. She mentions being an actress and singer are both fun, but if given the opportunity, one should try it all. Choa thinks that it’s thanks to Crayon Pop activities she was able to do acting.

Choa says “To be truthful, even I didn’t know how to do group activities with Crayon Pop’s concepts. It was fun, because I didn’t think we’d go with such concepts. It was fun that there were a lot of people who liked Crayon Pop’s color and listen to our music.”

Choa tells people to not distinguish Crayon Pop’s Choa from Actresss Huh Min Jin.

Choa wants to do a character in the future that represents her. She wants to be a happy person. She says by being good at acting, she can become a happy person. Choa mentions that she started as an idol but was unprejudiced and stable on stage. She could feel the power of the music.

Choa says if someone is given a chance, take it. She started as an idol from scratch and as a musical actress from scratch.

Choa has a desire to do a Performing Arts performance.

Choa says since she likes to eat, she attended cooking school and even has a cooking certification. She wishes to go on a TV program where she can show off her cooking.

Choa finds practicing with peers to be noisy, fun, and vibrant.

Source: X Sports News 2

Choa has read the History Of Nerds web toon. She liked the message so much that she wanted to talk about it. Writer The writer, Kim Poong was not too serious and talked to Choa. The two talked about everyday stories. Kim Poong shared with the actors to not be serious and be simple. We express our growth in the lipids of the past and the story that is conveyed in the web toon.

Choa says that small theaters are more fun when it comes to interacting with the audience.

Choa says feedback came right away. Theater is more that spectators and performances, she added.

Choa goes more into her History of Nerd roles. She talks about how she was worried about expressing the experiences and pain the character’s felt. She adds “they are not bad people. I don’t think they are immature, bad friends. There is a reason for everything and we all regret them. They are capable of being cute. I don’t think I am a bad person, because I will know my own faults, in the future.”

Choa says she can connect with the characters because of events when she was dating. For example, when she was young, there were tiring days when she was at home, like with Heesun. She mentions how in her early 20s, like Yura, Choa went to her ex-boyfriend’s army unit. She says that like Yeonjung, there were times when she felt like sitting down and crying.

Choa does not regret her past relationships, because she was in love. She would like to say, if you like each other, then you like each other but she can’t.

Source: X Sports News 3