170719 Way’s Message On Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe Translated

Way left a message on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe titled “Hi, everyone”

How is everyone???
These days, it has been very hot~~
5 years ago, about this time, it was hot like this,,
First, I think of when the Saturday Night MV was filmed
It’s a memory that was breathtaking and huge..^^;;
Haha but as time passes, you reminisce it all, and
already 5 years passed and I have made fond memories~
Thank you and I am thankful to all of those you who congratulated us every year and did not forget for 5 years!
Really, there are a lot of things I would share
I feel like I got closer with everyone and have made lots of memories!
not long ago, to celebrating my birthday,
Every year, our anniversary date is not easy to take care of, but
nobody is more familiar.
This heart’s sincerity is very thankful and is always very impressed 🙂
I love you and thank you!
These days have been very wet and hot, so always take care of your health.
I hope you only have good days. See you agaaaiiinn.♥

Selca taken on my birthday. Love you!! ㅋㅋ

Source: Crayon Pop’s Fan Cafe